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800 SERVICE 800-694-7466 Name and Address
Type: Toll-free
Hash: f4af3195066bf77415c0a19eabfe5b2c
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Reports for (800) 694-7466

Claiming to be apple saying I have suspicious activity on my account! Basically just fishing for my personal info. Called the real phone number for Apple and they assured me that this was not in fact them at all!!!
Reply | Reported by 6c0b0 .
Claiming to be apple saying I have suspicious activity on my account! Basically just fishing for my personal info. Called the real phone number for Apple and they assured me that this was not in fact them at all!!!
Reply | Reported by 6c0b0 .
Continuously calling with no one on the other line
Reply | Reported by dc1e4 .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by f69de .
Claiming to be Apple suport
Reply | Reported by f69de .
Wants financial information
Reply | Reported by 9598e .
Pretending to be Apple and wanting money. Also gave this number: 360-205-9659 as and alternate to call back to fix the situation at a latter time.
Reply | Reported by bb316 .
A cocksucker for sure. Give them some ATM and make it hurt on the A part.
Reply | Reported by 40e90 .
This number is claiming to be apple support calling about iCloud. First mistake is calling a Samsung Galaxy
Reply | Reported by 33954 .
Just another spammer to be honest this has become much worse in the last year or two did congress stop funding do not call
Reply | Reported by 34919 .
Spam. Gives you half a message.
Reply | Reported by 03a5d .
Claims to be Apple recording that Apple I cloud was breached
Reply | Reported by 8f8d3 .
Don’t want them calling me all the time
Reply | Reported by 4a0c4 .
Called 3 times within one hour claiming to be from Apple Support. Verified with Apple that the call was not from them.
Reply | Reported by 8c84d .
Keeps calling me and won’t stop despite repeated requests
Reply | Reported by e252b .
They have called 5 times in an hour saying they are with Apple and our account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 7c882 .
Scam call all the time are they totally stupid
Reply | Reported by 22be4 .
Claims to be apple support
Reply | Reported by 97edf .
I received 4 calls from this number 20 minutes apart. I finally answered and hear a recording stating there is suspicious activity on my Apple account. I stopped listening, hung up and blocked the call because it’s obviously a scam. Apple does not call for those purposes, they would send email.
Reply | Reported by 1a720 .
Pretending to be apple support and saying they noticed Suspicious activity on my account oh really they are the suspicious activity LOL
Reply | Reported by fdc21 .
High Risk Spammer uses Apple as caller ID
Reply | Reported by 96972 .
Claimed to be apple support- concerning iCloud Activity
Reply | Reported by 7b1a3 .
Pretending to be Apple calling about an iCloud hack
Reply | Reported by 51dfb .
Called saying they are from Apple and wanted my Id password credit card information to make a payment
Reply | Reported by e41db .
pretending to be Apple support,
Reply | Reported by b4076 .
Called my house and claimed my iCloud account has been breached funny doesn’t work that way
Reply | Reported by 079ea .
Voicemail references Apple Support Center....
Reply | Reported by 27d21 .
Called three times in one day. When I called them they said that somebody was trying to hack into my Apple ID from Russia. Beware!
Reply | Reported by 429ee .
Pretending to be Apple Tech Support
Reply | Reported by 0df5c .
Scam total scam fraud fraud
Reply | Reported by 4d480 .
They say they are from Apple.
Reply | Reported by 5a036 .
Computerized female voice said my account has been compromised and to call Apple support at 518-730-0499
Reply | Reported by 9bc29 .
Said he was from Apple support and had proof someone was trying to hack my iCloud
Reply | Reported by c5e83 .
Wanting to get you apple id
Reply | Reported by a1f70 .
Apple support never ever calls you as their recorded message states!!!
Reply | Reported by e83b0 .
RoboKiller blocked call. Love that app. Scam calls have decreased to only a couple a week from 5-6 per day
Reply | Reported by 2e6fc .
Claims of being Apple. Wants to connect you to customer service agent.
Reply | Reported by 09a97 .
Saying they are apple support and my apple device has been hacked
Reply | Reported by 5ebed .
The asking for my information
Reply | Reported by ef762 .
Called and said my iCloud account had been broken into from Germany 800 694 7466
Reply | Reported by 7bf09 .
Called and said my iCloud account was hacked.
Reply | Reported by 14efa .
Silence your Apple Account has been breached please call us if you need to get help at 800 694 7466 Total BS Scam (800) Service
Reply | Reported by f1c1a .
Possible scam - iCloud account breach call
Reply | Reported by 48831 .
They said my thing was hacked and that I looked up some thing that made that happen. Which isn’t true
Reply | Reported by 78628 .
They keep calling and it’s just a machine that answers
Reply | Reported by 31d73 .
Called said my iCloud account has suspicions activity!
Reply | Reported by 085f5 .
Unsafe Saying Microsoft
Reply | Reported by 8f9ce .
Stay away!! Called about my Apple ID
Reply | Reported by 7e80f .
Their claiming to be Apple ICloud, and that my account has been breached. They can’t tell me who hacked into my account
Reply | Reported by 9afe4 .
We have had multiple calls from this number - it’s blocked so only rings once but they are relentless. Seven calls yesterday with at 3:41am
Reply | Reported by 870e3 .
So called Apple Service has called several times today w this number & 526-356-1555
Reply | Reported by ab248 .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 694-7466? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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