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ID: bd8aa130aef469755d5337890879e30a
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Reports for (800) 692-7753

Stolen 2013 MacBook Pro sent to BG computers in Las Vegas, NV to be refurbished.
Reply | Reported by 9ef04 .
fake apple 800) 692-7753
Reply | Reported by 0b074 .
Unknown solicitation from someone trying to sell me a new roof.
Reply | Reported by 0d3ea .
Been having some issues w/ my new iPhone 11, similar to what was happening w/ my iPhone 6s!! So I talked to a AT&T representative, and she suggested to download the Apple Security App. The Apple Security App gave me this number to call, but wanted to check w/ this LOOKUP APP first to see what was gonna happen….just as suspected, it’s a militia that calls themselves ‘Unidentified’ and they are posted around the US, but INCLUDING the United Kingdom!!! They are ruthless, yet highly intelligent (just a few) and are using a highly sophisticated satellite, OWNED BY GOOGLE!!! I say this b/c after doing some research as well as checking 3rd Party Sites, GOOGLE IS BY FAR THE MAIN INGREDIENT IN THIS SHIT SHOW!!!! And boy oh boy, when those sitting above others take the fall, those @ the top FALL, and fall very hard taking all involved with them!!!!
Reply | Reported by d3973 .
Personal har**sment, falsely accusing customers, and creating illegal financial charges towards accounts.
Reply | Reported by 1fa3a .
Fake fake hacker!!!!!! Lying sons of bitches
Reply | Reported by a5cd0 .
Apple, customer service, missed their call.
Reply | Reported by 1b568 .
I called apple support and he wanted share screens, thought he said share an experience soon as I heard share screens again I caught it, and hung up
Reply | Reported by 03d07 .
I called apple support and he wanted share screens with me
Reply | Reported by 03d07 .
Leaks email p**sword
Reply | Reported by bc74f .
Please inform: Walmart iPhone, Verizon, 3rd party 800 MY APPLE, 800 692 7753
Reply | Reported by bc74f .
They are hacking peoples apple ids and phones stealing out of them etc
Reply | Reported by 1d81d .
Texted for apple support my daughters entire phone has been hacked and basically destroyed and I can’t make calls without it rerouting for any calls
Reply | Reported by 1d81d .
This is all apple twitter and google and Facebook trying to track people!!!! ALL POLITICAL PARTIES!!!!! Liars….
Reply | Reported by e9fea .
Fraud and I’m sure they’re the ones that stole money out of my account…
Reply | Reported by e9fea .
They have me hacked for months! They are driving me insane! Help!!
Reply | Reported by 27a96 .
hacker his name is patrick he goes to premier lounge
Reply | Reported by cb0f7 .
scam his name is patrick
Reply | Reported by cb0f7 .
ABSOLUTELY 100% FAKE Apple Support. If you text with them and it had the Apple symbol with a checkmark like they are “verified” well they very much are not!!!! Was wondering why I couldn’t send iMessages and other just weird stuff.
Reply | Reported by 6a0cf .
THIS IS NOT APPLE!!! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT APLE!,! I’m so angry! He had acess to my IPad!!! STAY SAVE EVERYONE! Contact apple and report the NUMBER,!,
Reply | Reported by e1da0 .
it’s a spoof apple store number
Reply | Reported by 18489 .
This phone number is listed as Apple Support underneath the Apple Icon on my NEW laptop. I have called this number twice now, shared my screen abs each time have been hung up after an hour of them in screen sharing. How can it be that Apple would put a phony number in their computer hardware?
Reply | Reported by d48ca .
Same people M.Wallace or Brady or couple other last names , scammers and hacker that police wouldn’t believe lived on dogwood village rd Lamar
Reply | Reported by 0accb .
They claim they are from Apple Inc
Reply | Reported by 4e80d .
I received 2 calls from this number today and thenI called the company to verify that they called me. This us a scam caller.
Reply | Reported by 8877b .
Keep calling but no Message
Reply | Reported by 3a359 .
Said I was having trouble with I cloud account
Reply | Reported by 973fd .
Says it is apple but is not.
Reply | Reported by 5663f .
Not apple. They spoof the number. They aren’t calling from apple. Fake. Not legit. Apple doesn’t call you.
Reply | Reported by 08554 .
The caller ID says it is Apple Inc but it is spoofed to look that way. They keep calling but will not leave voicemail
Reply | Reported by 66c1a .
Computer generated message
Reply | Reported by 0193a .
Not apple. They spoof the number. They aren’t calling from apple. Fake. Not legit. Apple doesn’t call you.
Reply | Reported by cd0fe .
They keep calling and not leaving a message
Reply | Reported by f40b0 .
Scam!!! Do not!! I repeat Do answer or call this number back this is a phishing scam and not Apple!!!! They will attempt to get CC info and tell you your account is compromised etc... do not call the 866 number back they leave on your vmail they use a caller ID spoofing app when they call you smh
Reply | Reported by 34184 .
They lose as Apple and say your iCloud security is at risk.
Reply | Reported by a11fc .
Apple doesn’t call customers. This scam began in 2019. Although it says Apple Corporation, it’s spoofed to look credible. Message said “Your iCloud account has been breached. Press 1...” at that point I hung up and blocked it.
Reply | Reported by f7260 .
Legitimate for sure
Reply | Reported by a9f30 .
Claiming to be Apple customer service
Reply | Reported by 0bd15 .
No time for people’s stupid games.scamscam
Reply | Reported by 9279b .
The caller ID says it’s Apple Inc Customer Service, but I don’t believe it is. They called me back after I requested a call from Apple Support. But something about it is off.
Reply | Reported by 7a844 .
This number belongs to Apple Inc. Customer Service. It is a safe number.
Reply | Reported by 7a844 .
was a recording that just said thank you
Reply | Reported by bb215 .
Fraudulent. Pretending to Apple. Do not fall for it.
Reply | Reported by 5dcd0 .
Said they were Apple and had detected virus on my phone that would drain battery. Call Protect showed this to be fraudulent call and unsafe number. They make it look very legitimate.
Reply | Reported by 8b0b5 .
Claims to be APPLE and that account has been compromised
Reply | Reported by dc9dc .
Online it is saying is a spoofed called and fake scam to back up iCloud beware it was a random call on a Saturday afternoon
Reply | Reported by 94fac .
This number called and said they were the Apple Store and that my phone had been hacked they wanted me to go buy prepaid cards and call them back with the account information
Reply | Reported by ee296 .
Caller ID - Apple. Claimed my iCloud has breached.
Reply | Reported by db16b .
Robo scammer says to press 1 to speak with Apple support representative regarding detected fraud on Apple iAccount.
Reply | Reported by 59a6e .
This number shows up as Apple on your cell (I don’t have caller ID on my phone). When you pick up the call, it tells you that they have detected fraud and to press 1 to speak to someone. I hung up and called Apple and the recording stated that they were aware of customers receiving fraudulent calls and asked if they gave you any information. Beware: Holiday Time = Sophisticated Scammers
Reply | Reported by 7212e .
Trying to get me to give personal information once I started to ask more information the person hung up the phone .They claimed to be Apple support!
Reply | Reported by 044f6 .
Wants me to spend money to update my security on the Apple phone
Reply | Reported by a2512 .
They call and say that my phone has been hacked I have been compromised And Not to go to a Apple location for my security breach but to go to Best Buy and to wait out side and someone is going to meet me before I go in the store !!!!
Reply | Reported by 3268e .
Apple spammers are at it again. Called on LL. Please beware of this number.
Reply | Reported by 2b316 .
Called didn’t know i think Apple
Reply | Reported by a4198 .
They claim to be Apple, stupid sand niggers.
Reply | Reported by cf2aa .
Spammmmmm spammmmmm spammmmmmm
Reply | Reported by 33a2f .
Scam scam scam scam scam
Reply | Reported by 33a2f .
I want this caller to stop calling me every 10 to 15 minutes because they might be a scam
Reply | Reported by 57ef8 .
Claims to be Apple and that your account has been compromised. Then calls back if you received a call from someone claiming to be Apple.
Reply | Reported by aeeb3 .
This number calls me all the time but I don’t answer random numbers. When you call it back, it disconnects and no one ever answers. They never leave a voicemail either.
Reply | Reported by 24c76 .
fake apple customer service saying your icloud is breached, complete spam
Reply | Reported by 3eabd .
Recorded message says that they are from Apple and that my computer has been compromised and I should call The number provided.
Reply | Reported by 0e104 .
Apparently according to google news reports this is a fake Apple support service number. Apple reported if they ever need to reschedule costumers they text or email not call. I never answer unknown numbers especially 1-800 type of numbers. So don’t answer and they never leave me a voicemail and calls about 3-4 a day. Blocking it right now.
Reply | Reported by fe92c .
Two calls from this number today but did not leave any messages. Reverse lookup app identifies as Apple Inc Customer Service. History shows numerous complaints of fraud regarding this number.
Reply | Reported by c100f .
Call back for a Apple appointment complete bull shit this has gone on for months shut these ***ks down.
Reply | Reported by 645fa .
Not Apple. Apple doesn’t call, except to return calls.
Reply | Reported by 52042 .
calls and is says from Apple but is not as per search
Reply | Reported by 38e19 .
Phishing phone call today
Reply | Reported by e9412 .
Computer hacker!!!!!! Seriously insane mother ***ker
Reply | Reported by aaa8b .
Pretends to be from APPLE. States iCloud has been compromised
Reply | Reported by fac7c .
says my Apple account has been breached
Reply | Reported by 69c85 .
Pretending to be from Apple
Reply | Reported by 69c85 .
They said my ICloud account has been breached
Reply | Reported by 658d4 .
Claims iCloud has been breached
Reply | Reported by 3f818 .
Claims your apple account has been breached and not to do any activities online
Reply | Reported by f570d .
Look I called set up a call with Apple From my iPhone 7 Plus this morning and this number called me back, since that has happened I’ve found phrases in my analytics about Pegasus/framework/ pegasus
Reply | Reported by aabe0 .
Constant calling stating my Apple ID has been hacked
Reply | Reported by 5ae2b .
Incessant calling not answering but have received 5 calls just Today alone
Reply | Reported by 52cd6 .
call claiming to be Apple saying my account has been compromised
Reply | Reported by d35ef .
It’s a Robocall identifying as “Apple Support” informing Apple Security had been breached and we need to protect our account by entering our p**scode.
Reply | Reported by 01061 .
Claims to be apple customer service NOT! Get real people!
Reply | Reported by 436da .
Calls don’t say anything
Reply | Reported by 39bb0 .
Calls, leaves incomplete message then hangs up.
Reply | Reported by 043b1 .
Says its apple but leaves no message and they would email or text not just call
Reply | Reported by a4106 .
Saves in your phone as apple and everything, smh
Reply | Reported by 15050 .
Scammer spoofing (impersonating) Apple Customer Support
Reply | Reported by fbf45 .
Looks like Apple, Inc. but it’s a scam.
Reply | Reported by cf509 .
They call frequently and will not leave a message.
Reply | Reported by a5c60 .
Multiple calls, pretending to be Apple Inc They want you to turn on your screen time in your settings
Reply | Reported by 82dfb .
Said it was apple...............
Reply | Reported by 539a1 .
Fake apple support company
Reply | Reported by d9ef4 .
This is not an Apple phone number!!! It is a scam
Reply | Reported by ec2ab .
Constant calls no message
Reply | Reported by 75e83 .
They called me and said that my iCloud was compromised and gave me a phone number to call them. Instead of calling the number they gave me I googled Apple customer service phone number got that number called them they said it was a phishing scam and thanked me for reporting it. that is straight from Apple
Reply | Reported by 894b5 .
Complete Apple Scam, report this number if it calls you.. It says there’s a breach on your iCloud but it’s a complete and utter lie. I picked up and they hung up so don’t waste your time just block them and report the number.. Don’t fall for the phishing scam.
Reply | Reported by 5030b .
They keep calling every so often,not from Apple!
Reply | Reported by c6499 .
Have gotten calls twice and would leave a 13 second voicemail both times with complete silence.
Reply | Reported by 3db5c .
They keep on calling me
Reply | Reported by b1aca .
It’s from the apple iPhone company. It’s very safe and they will call again.
Reply | Reported by 4d074 .
called 25/times pretending to be from apple
Reply | Reported by f568d .
Repe**tive calls all day
Reply | Reported by c471b .
It’s a spam and posible fraud
Reply | Reported by 4d0af .
this is a spam number.
Reply | Reported by 53b66 .
I don’t have any apple products
Reply | Reported by 9652b .
This is a scam. Says their from Apple and detected an iCloud breach on your computer. Has an India accent. After playing along for a while, asked if there was a number I could call them back and was promptly disconnected!
Reply | Reported by a67c9 .
Claims that apple info has been breached and tells you not to do any online transactions. Then they’ll try and get your financial information.
Reply | Reported by 3e2ab .
ATT has this # listed as “Telemarketer” It should really be on their BLOCK list and announced as “SCAM / FRAUD” and should not even be allowed thru to ATT customers phone lines as a service protection.
Reply | Reported by 9daf0 .
Claim to be Apple Store... iCloud break in? Not true, don’t press any number otherwise it connects you to a scum bag in India the rest is boring.... don’t answer or give any info be aware!
Reply | Reported by e493d .
Fraudulently claims to be apple support and that your security has been breeched. When I call apple they say that was not them. They also say they wouldn’t call to let someone know they had their security compromised! They are not Apple!
Reply | Reported by eb6b9 .
Received a call from this number on my work phone- where we use Windows Desktop computers LOL first red flag. Automated message saying some bs about iCloud accounts being hacked. If you press 1 to speak with a representative you’ll be met with an Indian person trying to steal your personal info. Beware!
Reply | Reported by 0291d .
Multiple calls to my home number : caller ID says Apple . I donot pick up . No message on home phone . Total calls around 5-6 .
Reply | Reported by 0f4e4 .
It’s a scam they never speak when you answer the call
Reply | Reported by 27cad .
Someone is using Apple #s to call and scam you out of personal data and money. Always call the # back if you think Apple support is actually trying to reach you.
Reply | Reported by 97bf5 .
Claiming to be apple support.
Reply | Reported by 37749 .
Clall using automated asking why I am calling.
Reply | Reported by 65def .
I was in my website to reset my MacBook Pro back to factory settings and what happened is that the apple person took control of my MacBook Pro and now I have 2 accounts under my name. The fake ones phi t for a p**sword is “none of your business”!!! So be careful when you let anyone into your apple devices remotely!!!
Reply | Reported by a73a8 .
They want your information to hack your computer.
Reply | Reported by 63b1e .
The called are relentless. I “pressed1 to9 speak with an Apple representative” and got a foreign gentleman who immediately hung up on me.
Reply | Reported by 13702 .
They Have called twice, saying the iCloud has been breached and that they were Apple support
Reply | Reported by 31a8e .
Keeps calling and not leaving msg. Calls a few times a day. Caller ID says Apple but not really customer service! A scam
Reply | Reported by 918d2 .
Claim to be Apple customer service about fraud
Reply | Reported by b8a0a .
id says Apple, hang up.
Reply | Reported by 089a1 .
Robocall-- requests that you speak with an operator. Don't do it!
Reply | Reported by 2dd73 .
Actually, this is the real phone number for Apple Support. Somehow the scammers are able to get the real number to show up on the caller I.D.
Reply | Reported by 98b03 .
Tries to get your Apple I.D. Information. When I told him that I knew he was a scammer, he started swearing using extremely foul language.
Reply | Reported by 98b03 .
It is a phishing phone number to steal your private information, I called The real Apple 800 number
Reply | Reported by 8ebbb .
If you got a phone call that says “Apple Inc” as the Caller ID, guess what folks – Its not really from Apple! This is a fairly sophisticated phone SCAM by scammers in India looking for a gullible sucker to get our their credit card. They especially target the elderly and unsophisticated users. So be alert, be cautious, and don’t let yourself get scammed
Reply | Reported by 2d7b3 .
Claims to be Apple Support when you call the number all with automated requests. But no message left.
Reply | Reported by e5ca6 .
The voicemail caller says their Apple support which we all know is a lie
Reply | Reported by 398f4 .
The voicemail caller identifies himself as his elbow support which we all know is a lie
Reply | Reported by 398f4 .
Pretending to be apple. Automated message calls to alert suspicious activity on your apple account. This is not true and apple doesn’t watch your account. Only if the account holder reports suspicious activity then apple contacts you, at request.
Reply | Reported by 06f2c .
They’ve actually scammed a number to appear to be Apple support.
Reply | Reported by e1693 .
Scam claiming to be Apple Support. No message left!
Reply | Reported by e1693 .
Looking led up this number and they are representing them selves as Apple
Reply | Reported by c4292 .
They say the Apple support but Apple support never calls anybody not unless you ask them to
Reply | Reported by 398f4 .
Called with no message or voice
Reply | Reported by 7b608 .
SPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 692-7753.
Reply | Reported by 8f9ce .
Fraud !! Trying to obtain personal information.,
Reply | Reported by f5229 .
Gives a different number to call when a voicemail is left. The number shown is apples actual number but spoofed by the scammer. DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFORMATION. REPORT THE CALLS.
Reply | Reported by ff433 .
“_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ devices until you speak with Apple support representative please refrain using any financial activity on your devices in order to speak with an Apple representative right now press one or please call on 773-649-5424 thanks…”
Reply | Reported by f0bb9 .
Claims to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 62b38 .
Claims to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 61cd1 .
says my account be compromised
Reply | Reported by b8a0a .
Called back number that was left on voicemail and it went to nothing.
Reply | Reported by 6b0c1 .
Piece of crap piece of crap piece of crap apple piece of crap apple no good do not answer piece of shit
Reply | Reported by e6498 .
Recorded message saying my ID was blocked. When I went directly to Apple on line my ID was not blocked. This is a fraud.
Reply | Reported by 30040 .
Scam!! Apple does not call customers about a possible account compromise!!!!
Reply | Reported by d90f5 .
Say they are from apple phone service.
Reply | Reported by 592c8 .
Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud
Reply | Reported by 83a8d .
No one answered when I called
Reply | Reported by 016f2 .
No body said anything when I answered
Reply | Reported by 99726 .
This number is **sociated with a con to have people return iPhones to their address located at 558 Aldi Blvd. Mount Juliet, TN 37122
Reply | Reported by fc7cd .
Junk call. I don’t know this number and it has repeatedly called but no message to explain what they wanted.
Reply | Reported by 3c6c6 .
Apple’s official phone number for support. Very helpful when you need it
Reply | Reported by 957be .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 692-7753? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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