Terms and Conditions

Last update: March 24, 2016

Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions of use. This terms and conditions, along with our privacy policy, govern your usage of validnumber.com.

As a user of this website, you agree that your use of Valid Number database and its services is government by the following terms and conditions.

Access to Valid Number
Upon visiting, Valid Number grants you access to its website and the content it contains. These contents on the website are provided solely for informative and research purposes to the individuals. It must NOT be used for any commercial use. If your access to Valid Number is deemed to be detrimental to the services it offers, we may disable your access to this website.

FCRA Restrictions
Valid Number is not a consumer reporting agency as defined in Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"). The information offered by Valid Number must not be used to establish any individual's eligibility for personal credit or insurance. Similarly, the information may also not be used to access risks associated with the existing consumer credit obligations. You are also restricted from using this information to evaluate any individual for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention or to conduct any other type of business or transaction with them.

General Restrictions
You agree to use the information on this website appropriately for legal purposes only. You must stay in compliant with all the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. In addition, you agree not to conduct any prohibited actions like bothering, stalking, harassing, threatening, or embarrassing any individual or business by using the information that are provided on this website. Information obtained from Valid Number must not be provided or resold to any third-party entity (individuals and businesses) without a prior written consent of Valid Number.

Further Restrictions
You agree to use information offered by Valid Number at your own risk. Valid Number does not guarantee the accuracy of information it provided, even though they are mostly very accurate. If you happen to use any inaccurate information obtained from this website, you will be solely responsible for any resulting consequences.

Service Misuse
In any event when Valid Number suspects that any information is being misused by any individual, we will stop offering information to that particular individual. If we suspect that any user may be in violation with law, we reserve the right to contact the law enforcement agencies and provide them with all the relevant data about the user to aide them in their investigation.

In any situations, you agree that you shall indemnify and hold harmless Valid Number, its staffs, its servers, and all the entities that have contributed to make information available against all the direct or indirect losses, claims, demands, expenses or liabilities arising with your use of our website, service, and databases.

Third-Party Advertisers
We use third-party vendors, including Google Adsense, to serve advertisements on our website on our behalf. These vendors may use cookies and action tags to analyze advertisement effectiveness. By using this website, you agree that you acknowledge and accept such third-party use of cookies and action tags to track your online behavior while using our website.

Change in Terms
These terms are subject to change. If any change is made, this page will be updated. Please ensure that you check this page regularly to verify your usage of the website is within the boundary of our terms of services.

If you have any question about these terms, please feel free to contact us.