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(805) 637-7249

(805) 637-7249 is a phone number on a Mobile device operated by T-MOBILE USA, INC.. This device is registered in Santa Barbara, California, which is located in Santa Barbara county. View More Details → (sponsored)
SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA 805-637-7249 Name and Address
Type: Wireless/Cellular
City, State: Santa Barbara, California
County/Parish: Santa Barbara
ZIP Code: 93106, 93101, 93103
ID: 377714a571b5775790ff5f7cc6090594
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Debt Collector
Non-profit Organization
Other - Unsafe

Reports for (805) 637-7249

Unknown number has been forwarding my calls & vm
Reply | Reported by a74b1 .
Just found out that this number is a fraudulent act put them in jail
Reply | Reported by 4af09 .
Hacking my phone
Reply | Reported by ecd50 .
Please report them 50525222226 5054631846 5054631945
Reply | Reported by b145e .
Theses people are here to ruin people lives report them to the cops
Reply | Reported by b145e .
All they do is steal and hack harr**s people and t drama
Reply | Reported by b145e .
Phone number is 5054040180 Albuquerque NM
Reply | Reported by b145e .
This mf name is Richard Anya and Marcia Randall
Reply | Reported by b145e .
Somehow this number getting ported from my phone. Very bad
Reply | Reported by ad07f .
My other number has been diverted to this number without my consent
Reply | Reported by 927b7 .
My calls were forwarding to this # without my permission
Reply | Reported by f2bbb .
The number sets your phone to call forwarding
Reply | Reported by b2d4c .
Forwarding calls to this number
Reply | Reported by 57a51 .
Eavesdropping on conversations
Reply | Reported by 36a04 .
Forwarding phone calls voicemail text messaging emails, now has a copy of everything on my phone in the past 6 months, maybe more
Reply | Reported by 38ffc .
Forwarding calls
Reply | Reported by 98c8c .
Please block 🚫
Reply | Reported by d2c98 .
Calls forwarded possibly listening to calls I make...My privacy feels so violated..just want it to stop
Reply | Reported by d2c98 .
Straight hacked my phone for almost a year. ***ked with just about everything on my phone and accounts. Calls are being forwarded to this number and when i try to change it goes right back to it. F@#k this person. REPORT HACKER REPORT HACKER REPORT HACKER
Reply | Reported by 5927b .
My calls are being forwarded to this number my number 346 9174720
Reply | Reported by bcbfd .
Hacked my service and device and messed up my whole data
Reply | Reported by 551ab .
This person has a hacked my phone and been having my calls and messages forwarded to his number for months and has been ***king with my entire digital data and p**swords. Read the user reports on Mrnumber app, people say he is a rapist as well!
Reply | Reported by 6ee15 .
If you see this number come up on your phone REPORT THIS NUMBER! It’s being used fraudulently as well as IDEN**tY THEFT!
Reply | Reported by f773a .
Report this number! They have been forwarding my unanswered calls to this number! They’ve gotten on developer and removed many options on my phone! They’ve added pictures and documents! HELP!
Reply | Reported by f773a .
Report this number! They have been forwarding my calls! Got on developer and blocked some of many functions on my phone as well as added pictures and documents to my account!
Reply | Reported by f773a .
Reply | Reported by f773a .
Iden**ty Thief - Please share this number with others they have har**sed me for years! (805)637-7249
Reply | Reported by f773a .
Report this number!!!!! This number is fraudulent
Reply | Reported by dbc6e .
Apps on my phone are downloaded
Reply | Reported by f2297 .
Michelle Fefel she is daNyerere and o society
Reply | Reported by 35f63 .
It’s a girl I used to know and she is stalker and narcissist bad sick of her calling me with no caller ID unknown number she needs to get help and move on
Reply | Reported by 35f63 .
They tap into your phone listening to all your calls.
Reply | Reported by f0b3b .
They are use my phone to forwards calls
Reply | Reported by 65eb8 .
Same as the other complaints and Report
Reply | Reported by 01a71 .
roba datos y desvia llamadas mensajes de texto
Reply | Reported by 3e5bb .
All of my calls were forwarded to this number, and I believe they are doing other things to my phone as well.
Reply | Reported by 97866 .
Has my voice mails and forwarding all my calls
Reply | Reported by ae54c .
This number always hacks my phone. When I run that report I always see this number
Reply | Reported by f8aa8 .
This person persons are evil to the core. Takes over your life with knowledge and mis use of technology. Is able to hack most any device and alter settings and perform any switch via accessibility features on an iPhone Mac android, you name it. He’s fluent in code and loves drama and misdirection. He or they have been stalking me for years now and I see no one has taken the initiative to arrest and incarcerate... take away all his toys and give him a typewriter to document all his bullshit but make no mistake, once targeted, he’s or his attack Arsenal is always present
Reply | Reported by bfd65 .
This number was getting my voicemails forwarded to it. Fraudulent
Reply | Reported by b7dcc .
There ghost hunting is coming up to my Darling is today
Reply | Reported by ee52e .
Tgggd hvcxderc unb hdsdhkh ngsyocgcv jbvgvv hun hope heaven has blessed Christmas I will be a blessed day and And
Reply | Reported by ee52e .
It’s just a regular guy
Reply | Reported by e3cd3 .
this number forward me many times
Reply | Reported by ae3ce .
It’s a spasm and this number forward me without my permission every time
Reply | Reported by 9c7fb .
foward me without my permission
Reply | Reported by 23c8a .
This caller forward me many times
Reply | Reported by 8bf15 .
This caller forward me me
Reply | Reported by e9758 .
This number Forward me many times
Reply | Reported by c5877 .
This number is forward me
Reply | Reported by e9758 .
This is spying me many times
Reply | Reported by a7028 .
it’s spasm and this number forward me
Reply | Reported by 63066 .
Call and forward me many times
Reply | Reported by bb099 .
It is tapping into my phone. My calls are being forward to it without my permission. I don’t know this number
Reply | Reported by 64039 .
Hacked number If you know anyone named jj or Simo it is them
Reply | Reported by 7a72a .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (805) 637-7249? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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