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Debt Collector
Non-profit Organization
Other - Unsafe

Reports for (800) 945-2000

This is a debt collector that also sends text messages from 863-215-6246.
Reply | Reported by fed1a .
Calls does not leave messages
Reply | Reported by 231db .
Call time: 12:45 pm. Caller name: CHASE CARD SVCS. This number kept breaking up.I could not understand what this guy was talking about. He tried to get a clear line but he called me back on another line. I did hear enough to realize that this was a scam call reduce credit card debt.
Reply | Reported by e53be .
Don’t call this number. Not chase!
Reply | Reported by 11a72 .
Preys on elderly people
Reply | Reported by a1902 .
I don’t think they are really the charge card company.
Reply | Reported by 561da .
The caller ID presented this number. I didn’t know it, so I did not answer. When looked it up, it said the number was Chase Bank. I have an account there, so I called the number back. It was Chase Bank credit card services department. I don’t have a credit card from Chase. Someone spoofed their number!
Reply | Reported by 876e7 .
Indian caller. When asked if you can be in the do not call list they they you to “***k yourself” and yell at you.
Reply | Reported by 53287 .
Eat your own credit card scam.
Reply | Reported by 8a0c8 .
This bank calling me and I do not have credit with them
Reply | Reported by 440cc .
Very broken English, calls often to offer rate decrease. Although I have requested to have my numbered removed on many occasions and blocked the number, they still manage to get through. I entertained them once by falsley accepting their offer to decrease my interest rate on a the credit card that I don’t have. They asked for the last 4 digits of my SOS and my zip code. Of course I gave false info. , I was put on hold then they hung up on me. I guess they realized my info was fake. Not sure how to stop them from calling. I have reported this number many times
Reply | Reported by e85ee .
Very broken English, calls often to offer rate decrease. Although I have requested to have my numbered removed on many occasions and blocked the number, they still manage to get through. I entertained them once by falsley accepting their offer to decrease my interest rate on a the credit card that I don’t have. They asked for the last 4 digits of my SOS and my zip code. Of course I gave false info. , I was put on hold then they hung up on me. I guess they realized my info was fake. Not sure how to stop them from calling. I have reported this number many times. Please share if you find away to stop their calls. Good luck!
Reply | Reported by e85ee .
Number is chase manhattan bank but could be spoofed.
Reply | Reported by 09f79 .
Chase Manhattan Bank for banking or account inquiries.
Reply | Reported by 09f79 .
This same offer to lower my credit card interest rates calls from many numbers. I tried to ask not to be called but instead a woman answered telling me I would have a problem if I did not work with her and accept. She almost threatened me. I see the line is owned by Chase Manhattan. I did not think there was a Chase Manhattan any more.
Reply | Reported by e6c20 .
Don’t have a card with them
Reply | Reported by 13986 .
constant calls. Never leaves a message. I don’t bank at the bank they say they are
Reply | Reported by 944d8 .
Reply | Reported by 287fd .
This type of scam called should be prosecuted.
Reply | Reported by 6bf1b .
Continually calling and I feel it is har**sment. I do not not them calling. I have no Chase Bank accounts.
Reply | Reported by 60107 .
This number called my mothers ph and ask for her credit card number. She doesn’t have chase
Reply | Reported by 22be1 .
Xxxcccvvvvcccvvvvcc. Cv
Reply | Reported by b2263 .
Scam caller.. caller ID says Chase Bank. We ALL should be aware of anyone calling and asking for your personal information. And please also look out for your love ones and friends (especially the elderly because they are the most vulnerable to these scammers) Thanks
Reply | Reported by a1d48 .
Credit card scammer. Too many reports on this number to be a valid caller
Reply | Reported by 52ae1 .
Called my cell phone, left no message, I will block due to previous reports.
Reply | Reported by a36a7 .
Constant calling to get a credit card for 0% Every day at least twice a day different numbers
Reply | Reported by 5f9ab .
Prank call. Spammers. Unknown
Reply | Reported by 57ef2 .
Called at 9am. Didn’t answer as my provider alerted me to the spam risk. Left no voicemail.
Reply | Reported by d240a .
These calls are from Middle-Eastern a$$holes who suck camel peckers for nourishment. They’re trying to steal your cc information!
Reply | Reported by e7285 .
Credit Card thieves
Reply | Reported by e7285 .
This is yet another spam caller
Reply | Reported by c35a0 .
Don’t Answer calls you don’t know
Reply | Reported by 911b6 .
Called left no message when I did not answer the phone
Reply | Reported by c7346 .
No voice message after calling my cell. Based on other reports, I am blocking this number.
Reply | Reported by 59a6e .
No voicemail message after call
Reply | Reported by 32553 .
God dammed scam that never stops calling
Reply | Reported by a3430 .
RPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 945-2000.
Reply | Reported by 04cfa .
Says from AT
Reply | Reported by dfa24 .
This was Case Manhattan Bank USA when I answered I got nothing I keep saying hallo still no answer so I just hung up don’t have a clue what they wanted.
Reply | Reported by aace1 .
Call from a Bank I never heard of. Fraud. Do not call my number
Reply | Reported by a60eb .
Calls on a weekly basis, no voicemail
Reply | Reported by 77df6 .
Won’t stop calling. Does not say anything.
Reply | Reported by ef90b .
This is a Chase bank number but Chase says they cannot/do not make outgoing calls from it, it is for customers to call in on only and if you receive a call from this number it is a scam.
Reply | Reported by 621b8 .
calls and never leaves message and when redial won't go through
Reply | Reported by d3d65 .
Calling at all hours. Please stop.
Reply | Reported by 8ac16 .
This is a scam to get credit card information. It has become a nuisance because they keep calling and asking me to press 1 to lower my credit card rate or press 2 to opt out. Please don't respond! The automated call says, "This is your final notice". No, it isn't. They will call back to make you life miserable. Just don't answer!
Reply | Reported by b51e7 .
This caller is the old scam saying they can reduce my credit card interest rate.
Reply | Reported by d73ef .
Someone has called everyday for the last two weeks about a credit card I don’t own
Reply | Reported by 54337 .
Scam they will not remove me from their call in list
Reply | Reported by 193d8 .
Har**sing phone calls about a credit card we don’t even have.
Reply | Reported by 2c6d4 .
Based on all these reports, I am not alone!!
Reply | Reported by 4a51b .
No caller ID / no message
Reply | Reported by 5368c .
Same as everyone else reports...scam
Reply | Reported by 1d6d0 .
Pre recorded message offer lower rate on Visa card. And if I don’t respond, my Visa card will be canceled. I do not have a Visa card in the first place.
Reply | Reported by b01c3 .
No message. A bank. Not interested!
Reply | Reported by a52ec .
Stop calling me, ******es!
Reply | Reported by a8f2a .
I don’t own a cc I keep telling them and block their number and they keep calling
Reply | Reported by dea4c .
Calls but doesn’t leave a message
Reply | Reported by c9983 .
It does little good to block the number as it’s always a different one. Last week I got a call from a telemarketer and after I rejected the call, I called the number back and got an answer from a local citizen who had no idea his number was being used!!
Reply | Reported by aca5b .
These calls always come in using my area code and my local prefix, therefore, I cannot tell if the call is legitimate unless I answer. I have asked countless times to have my number removed, but the calls continue. It always starts with a recording that says the call regards my credit card. Then it goes on to say that there is nothing wrong with my account...they just want to make a credit offer. If I DO answer to have my number removed, I either get hung up on, or the caller says something rude and then hangs up. It’s very annoying and I appreciate your attempt to stop robo calls.
Reply | Reported by aca5b .
Caller asked for last 4 digits of card number and last 4 digits of social security number on the account I was calling about. The his was an incoming call.
Reply | Reported by 868f7 .
I called this number back
Reply | Reported by 3e437 .
Constantly calling sometimes twice a day even though I have asked to be put on the “do not call” list he told me “yea sure” but they keep calling almost dai.
Reply | Reported by 0bf1e .
i have no account with these people. Plus they called at 3:12 AM!!!!!
Reply | Reported by 26d23 .
They keep calling for credit card debts. I have none. Please stop calling
Reply | Reported by 6a16c .
I have received repe**tive calls.
Reply | Reported by 2ec84 .
Continues to call with no chance to unsubscribe.
Reply | Reported by 629ec .
Please put me on the do not call list
Reply | Reported by 0b279 .
Call asking and telling me about one of my credit cards
Reply | Reported by f522e .
Interest Rate Scam. HANG UP AND BLOCK THEM!!! Telemarketing for credit card interest. Refuses to quit calling. Don’t have any credit cards that need interest lowered ask you for your credit cards and who they’re with. I said if you know you’re lowering interest what card do I have with you that you’re lowering. You should already have the information. Hangs up BIG FAT SCAM ARTISTS
Reply | Reported by 95918 .
Chase credit card services. Never had such an account
Reply | Reported by 83851 .
Asked to be removed from caller list never had an account with and don’t desire one
Reply | Reported by 7e83e .
I do not have a credit card with them and they keep calling me.
Reply | Reported by decd0 .
Spam. Leave me alone. I don’t use this bank. Don’t know anyone from Manhattan, New York
Reply | Reported by 249e7 .
No answer, nothing said. Probably wanted to sell something.
Reply | Reported by 0d87a .
Received unsolicited phone call from a telephone number that I did not recognize. I answered the phone but there was no response to me. I hung up after 10 seconds. I have blocked this number from future.
Reply | Reported by db026 .
This 800 number call was during the night at 3:53 AM!
Reply | Reported by 108ff .
Get 2 to 3 calls a day. Do not answer. Decided to call number and got a Chase credit card rep. Did not understand why I received call since line is dedicated to Chase cred.card customers only. Ran into a simular situation a year ago. It appears that a scamper has hacked into Chase phone system or phone co. central office to place calls thru Chase phone no. Gives appeared cel of a legitimate Chase call.
Reply | Reported by 4176f .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 945-2000? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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