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Reports for (800) 922-0204

Claims to offer Verizon account discounts
Reply | Reported by 31eec .
Got a $10 savings offer in a text message
Reply | Reported by 31eec .
Calls. No answer. Calls again. No answer
Reply | Reported by 8a576 .
I have reported this to the real Verizon number that I have. It seems that somehow a hijacker is using the number to get personal information! Use CAUTION ⚠️
Reply | Reported by a09c8 .
Supposedly VERIZON but I know better!
Reply | Reported by a09c8 .
Received by email to use the authorization code to complete my request. I never requested it. They provided this 800 number if I didn’t make this request. This is baloney.
Reply | Reported by a5eca .
Illegal charge made to my bank checking account.
Reply | Reported by 32376 .
Repeated unsolicited calls with no message left.
Reply | Reported by 56ac6 .
I didn’t answer but I returned the call they did not answer I sent a text I still have no answer
Reply | Reported by 52d00 .
Claiming to be Verizon Wireless and wanting me to sign up for unlimited plus. $120.00 for 4 lines SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM
Reply | Reported by 97cd3 .
Scammer that wants to steal your account n credit card info….. Don’t fall for it. It’s a FAKE!!!!! Block n report number.
Reply | Reported by 6bca6 .
Verizon Scammer, DON’T TRUST!!!!! SCAMMER!!!!!
Reply | Reported by 6bca6 .
Unknown number no other info provided city zip code etc
Reply | Reported by b16e6 .
This number claims to be Verizon wireless however it is not, do not give any personal information they steal it then deplete your data plan and service!
Reply | Reported by 496ad .
Pretending to be Verizon. Asking me to click to verify sign in code. I did not try to sign in.
Reply | Reported by 58cb1 .
I did not pick up since I did not recognize the no. Based on the reports on line I am glad I avoided the call.
Reply | Reported by c9f7d .
Several spam calls over a period of time
Reply | Reported by d2a1a .
I’m not having a pleasant experience with Verizon Tech coach. They called me back and it showed Verizon toll free or 4 others. How is that possible. I feel like I’m getting flashed somehow on the phone or burned on neck face and around my mouth. I’ve wondered if there’s a 3rdbparty causing the problem.
Reply | Reported by c6fdf .
Scam to get credit card info
Reply | Reported by 1bdf2 .
Reply | Reported by d086d .
Bunch of cock suckers lol just wait it’ll be ok cause It gonna be a good day
Reply | Reported by 363d6 .
Tech support, said my account had been hacked and wanted me to take action Spam, spam spam, my account was fine
Reply | Reported by 535dd .
keeps calling and hanging up
Reply | Reported by 70e62 .
When they called there was no location given and when I traced the number (1-800-922-0204) I got 5 different places as a location for this number. Those places where New York City, NY; Vidalia, Ga; Orange City, Fla; Spring, Texas; Murphy, NC. Odd that one number should show up for 5 different locations. I’ve blocked this number.
Reply | Reported by 1083b .
Left voice mail that my Verizon account has been suspended. Never answered it and just blocked
Reply | Reported by bf373 .
Warning about suspension of acct
Reply | Reported by 62705 .
No recognition... no voice mail
Reply | Reported by 02ada .
Reply | Reported by e72a8 .
claimed to be Verizon wireless and that my account was suspended for suspicious activity. I didn’t press any number options and it hung up after ten seconds or so.
Reply | Reported by 341bb .
Called me and since I never answer numbers I don’t recognize, it went to voicemail but they never left one. Looking it up shows Verizon Wireless, but I looked up numbers for Verizon and their Customer Service number happens to be 1-800-922-0402 (“4” and “2” are reversed). So yeah it’s a really good spoofed number and a SCAM! DON’T ANSWER!
Reply | Reported by 9efdf .
Calls does not leave message
Reply | Reported by bf6a4 .
Says my Verizon account has been suspended.
Reply | Reported by bd52e .
Automated call saying “this is verizon wireless, your account has been suspended”. Funny the phone provider for this number is “OneSuite”. Wouldn’t it be Verizon? I’m not blonde.
Reply | Reported by 310c1 .
Called said my account had been suspended and press "1" for confirmation !!! It's a fake
Reply | Reported by bc600 .
Fake Verizon. Don’t answer unless you want to be hacked
Reply | Reported by b0f2c .
Fake Verizon customer service. They called saying my Verizon has been suspended.
Reply | Reported by 54f33 .
Claims to be Verizon contacting you to let you know your account has been suspended due to suspicious activity.
Reply | Reported by 739f3 .
Fake customer service (800) 922-0204
Reply | Reported by 6f563 .
They did not have a company name and wanted me to give them money
Reply | Reported by cbaa8 .
Would only speak Spanish, hung up on me when answering in English.
Reply | Reported by d5fc0 .
Fake Verizon customer service
Reply | Reported by f9463 .
Called twice. No message. Not in contact list.
Reply | Reported by 30ac6 .
This number has called 6 times within 24 hours, listed as "Technical Support,", but I've not initiated any calls when I hit 9 to cancel they immediately called twice back to back...... Not my carriers tech support
Reply | Reported by 45800 .
Unanswered- Called three times back to back, and left no message.
Reply | Reported by eb90e .
Called at 10: pm and said we got disconnected. Well that’s funny because I never called you so why you calling me
Reply | Reported by 52201 .
Please block this number from continuously calling me. It is unsolicited. I do not know who is doing the calling. We have never done business with this number/company. It is a nuisance and wastes our time. We are on the Do Not Call list yet it keeps calling. Is there nothing you can do?
Reply | Reported by 24993 .
This number has called me four times in the past week. It’s the Verizon thing I mentioned in an earlier post. I’m posting for a second time because today, a Saturday, they called af 5:48am.
Reply | Reported by d4fa2 .
I’ve been called three times in 20 minutes telling me my Verizon account has been suspended. It said push 2 to talk with someone. No one answered once and I got a busy signal the next two times. I don’t have a Verizon account.
Reply | Reported by d4fa2 .
Called 3 times in a row. No message
Reply | Reported by eab56 .
Don’t know as I didn’t pick up
Reply | Reported by cf878 .
Calling at midnight not suppose to call after 9pm this happens all the time very annoying
Reply | Reported by bbc9e .
I was called by this number and the recording said my Verizon account was being suspended. I knew it was a scam and hung up.
Reply | Reported by ef0c9 .
Security breach security breach security breach security breach report report report
Reply | Reported by 3cc15 .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 922-0204? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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