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Reports for (800) 421-2110

Fake Bank of America
Reply | Reported by 08a89 .
Many calls
Reply | Reported by 39709 .
Calls but does not leave messages
Reply | Reported by 4eacc .
Calls at odd hours….800 421. 2110
Reply | Reported by 2e8ee .
Keeps coming up scam .don’t know who won’t open it.
Reply | Reported by c0c43 .
Perverts! Unsolicited
Reply | Reported by c4c77 .
Legitimate number. It is the number on the back of my credit card. They do not call you, you must call them.
Reply | Reported by b3751 .
Says FAKE B.ofA SCAM when I reverse lookup number.
Reply | Reported by effdf .
Keeps calling. Fake
Reply | Reported by e6aaa .
2/1/20. Scam call from? Something a boa. I **sume not the snake!
Reply | Reported by 713ef .
this phone number pretended to be bank of america financial service support line. my phone number was spoofed and it was rerouted to this "serious hacker
Reply | Reported by a83a0 .
Pestering multiple phone calls
Reply | Reported by b4e05 .
Called to my cell phone . I did not pick up . Came to reverse look up and saw so many Reports for Fake Bank of America . Blocking number . Thanks everybody for reporting .
Reply | Reported by 0f4e4 .
I didn’t answer. Report says fake scam BofA.
Reply | Reported by 7b1e4 .
This is definitely Bank of America customer service line. They have many lines for different areas and departments. They updated how the automated teller works. It used to be, they supplied you with your routing number and checking acct number that you used previously. For better security... they ask you for this information. This makes sense to protect you checking and savings information. Believe me, i called and spike to customer service and fraud. They are giving me a new credit card number. I am very careful. BOA, have given me about 4 different cc numbers if I am effected or have previously shopped at a business that was hacked. I also signed up for text verification. This number is the real deal. Call and ask for fraud if concerned. Keep in mind you call them. They ask you your information. They aren’t calling you
Reply | Reported by 3dff7 .
Calls in and leaves urgent message to call Bank of America. When I called back an automated answering service says Ive reached Bank of America and must enter my account number and social security number to get **sistance.
Reply | Reported by 9022e .
Spam as per your site. Do not answer
Reply | Reported by 06f01 .
Looked this number up on a couple of call blocking apps. Definitely a scam,
Reply | Reported by fe9f5 .
Spam Don’t do it
Reply | Reported by 13d51 .
Threatening call from this number saying if I do not call it then they can not lower my interest rates and I would have to pay a fine. BOA NUMBER ‭ 1 (800) 421-2110‬. As if I’m worried. If you have a number, you can be sure the scumbags will call it. I found an address or two from time to time and googled them at their house.
Reply | Reported by e0638 .
Caller hangup no message was left blocking
Reply | Reported by f22fe .
They called my phone number. I did not answer.
Reply | Reported by d4174 .
Didn’t answer no answer on call back
Reply | Reported by 54620 .
Keeps calling and won’t say anything or leave voice mail
Reply | Reported by 4d35a .
Do not answer; do not call back
Reply | Reported by 9a170 .
Fake credit card fraud from ‭ 1 (800) 421-2110‬ (BOA SCAMMER)
Reply | Reported by e0638 .
Keeps calling never leaves a message
Reply | Reported by 76a69 .
Still calling and no one there
Reply | Reported by d4467 .
DPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 421-2110.
Reply | Reported by 86ad3 .
Fake phone number scam phone call
Reply | Reported by 1b3f4 .
Returned the call and it insisted on account # or full social
Reply | Reported by 2e278 .
Fake boa scam Bunch of jerks call on har**sing people annoying unwanted collars block them and report him as I have done
Reply | Reported by 0e460 .
This number called and shows up ask fake boa scam.
Reply | Reported by 81751 .
Calls and never leaves message
Reply | Reported by 3dc3d .
They don’t leave any voice messages and will keep calling
Reply | Reported by fafe5 .
Get called 3-4 times a week
Reply | Reported by 76a69 .
XXxxxxxx. Cxxx ghhhjjjj huh
Reply | Reported by feb28 .
Continues to but will not leave a vm
Reply | Reported by 4779e .
Leaves no message. Won’t stop calling
Reply | Reported by 9d278 .
Fake number. No one answers when return call and it won’t leave a message either
Reply | Reported by ccc90 .
Scammers don’t wanna stop callings
Reply | Reported by 0eb43 .
no experience just saw it was Spam
Reply | Reported by 6d14c .
It says this number is boa scam
Reply | Reported by f7238 .
Scam, DO NOT give them your info!!!
Reply | Reported by d25ce .
3rd call doday but a different number
Reply | Reported by 76a69 .
Continously calling threatening with federal charges and imprisonment
Reply | Reported by 3f2f7 .
Asked for ss no and Acct no
Reply | Reported by a50a5 .
Scam - fake boa scam calls frequently. I have now blocked this number
Reply | Reported by 37292 .
Fake BOA number. Ask for personal info.
Reply | Reported by f75a3 .
Unknown number scam call. Will forever block
Reply | Reported by 9f3af .
Message left that my Microsoft license has expired today and to call them back immediately.
Reply | Reported by efaef .
Tired of being har**sed by these calls!
Reply | Reported by 5fad4 .
I missed the call but when I returned the call, the recording said it was Bank of America and for me to say my p**sword or the the last four numbers of my social security to get started. Hope others do not fall for this!
Reply | Reported by 45e22 .
I don’t want any more calls from this number
Reply | Reported by 8f5d6 .
Scammers! Calling, hangs up, calls again.
Reply | Reported by a39d1 .
Tract by another up. Money scammer
Reply | Reported by 63b1e .
claimed to be from credit card services. This is a very old scam.
Reply | Reported by e3f5b .
This number keeps calling me multiple time a day!!! I keep telling them that I do not own a credit card and to take me out of the system!!! But yet they keep har**sing me everyday!!! To the point where I’m fixing to call the law!!!!
Reply | Reported by 91736 .
Please they call over and over And never answer.
Reply | Reported by f6bdc .
Please they call over and over And never answer.
Reply | Reported by f6bdc .
Reply | Reported by f33b1 .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 421-2110? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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