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(619) 702-8483

(619) 702-8483 is a phone number on a Landline device operated by Pacific Bell. This device is registered in San Diego, California (CA), which is located in San Diego county. Full Report →
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (CA) 619-702-8483 Name and Address
Type: Landline
City, State: San Diego, California (CA)
County/Parish: San Diego
ZIP Code: 92113
ID: a32ad2e8d6eec9dbaecd2e6d994e50f8
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Debt Collector
Non-profit Organization
Other - Unsafe

Reports for (619) 702-8483

Spam call
Reply | Reported by 5c08f .
Same as all the rest. Har**sing calls. Refused to remove from list. Has some person info. None stop calling. I wish I could knock on their door. Claim to be insurance. Are jerks when I push them.
Reply | Reported by 9580a .
This number calls every single night. This evening I answered and asked to be removed from their calling list. The "gentlemen" with a very heavy accent told me to shut the "f" up and then hung up.
Reply | Reported by c45aa .
Some lady acts stupid like "...hey! Didnt know you were gonna pick up, blah blah blah" basically a scam. told them to ***k off but they keep calling so i blocked the number thanks to my smart **s phone.
Reply | Reported by a876e .
A man called me at 717-515-5268 I asked him to remove my name and he began to yell at me and told me to ***k off.
Reply | Reported by f1a88 .
Hunt them down and hang them. Dum a..
Reply | Reported by 349f4 .
I keep getting called by this number
Reply | Reported by 7aaab .
I'm going in for my 6 brain surgery I am very ill and they continue to call me 3 times today
Reply | Reported by c8335 .
They keep calling us no one can here.
Reply | Reported by 70039 .
Not sure who owns this # other than what I just read that sounds like a scam but I am tired of them calling my cell today so I blocked the #. When I called it back, no one answered.
Reply | Reported by c8df9 .
Constantly called to save me money on insurance. I have asked them to stop.
Reply | Reported by 2ca6e .
I've asked them at this number on repeated occasions to remove me from their calling list and they have refused and even hung up on me. Trying to get me to change my car insurance. Very aggravated.
Reply | Reported by ff3fa .
A younger male voice called me won't leave me alone har**sment
Reply | Reported by c1a21 .
This# has done nothing but blow up my phone. It's bullshit.. I tried to tell them to never call back but they are little Bitches.
Reply | Reported by 33f9a .
An Indian accent man call me and told he is from national service bla..bka
Reply | Reported by 68132 .
This number calls me everyday. Its xmas eve . I'm with family and they call me... I answered once and i asked them to take my # off the call list. He said no... They call late at night too, 8:30pm sometimes after 9pm.
Reply | Reported by 67774 .
I received a call from this number from someone with a heavy accent. What I could gather was the person was reading a script because when I asked what the call was about they repeated the same thing to me. I asked again what the call was about and same thing. I was told that I had no accidents in the last 6 years and was asked to verify my zip code. I told the person on the other end I wanted to know what the call was about and I was not about to give them any information about myself until they told me what the call was about and the person then hung up on me.
Reply | Reported by 3dfc4 .
won't stop har**sing me calling 5 times a day. There should be something I can do. ridiculous
Reply | Reported by 37b9f .
Keep getting calls from this number with no message left when my phone is off. What is the nature of this business?
Reply | Reported by 19195 .
this number keeps calling me with no voice mail. do not answer
Reply | Reported by 9f4d3 .
phones multiple times per day . Wont state nature of call ,becomes rude ,hangs up
Reply | Reported by 187e7 .
They are calling in S.D. also, but we do not answer the calls from this number. It was about 8:30 tonite. There have been other calls from this number. We too have blocked this number on our cell phone to no avail. Why this can't be blocked???
Reply | Reported by 2b34b .
Who ever this is? They never say a word calls me everyday and hangs up. They need to be reported thank you
Reply | Reported by 5180c .
Har**sment they keep calling late at night. They need to spot.
Reply | Reported by 996bd .
This number calls and doesn't say anything just hangs up! Called the carrier Pacific Bell in San Diego CA. The guy can't comprehend anything... and just says call AT&T.. They can't do anything obviously.. call the police if this number calls they will contact Pacific Bell and find owner to stop the calls.
Reply | Reported by fee83 .
These people are calling to har**s you. They laugh as they bother you and if you piss them off, they call you back again and again. I ended up blocking the number.
Reply | Reported by d1128 .
This number has called me 4 times within an hour and a half this evening, 12/08/2016. Since I had blocked the number some time ago, it will still come through with one ring. I am registered with the Do Not Call registry. I did file a complaint tonight.
Reply | Reported by ffeaa .
They call often , I tell them im not interested and to take me off the calling list ..... they ******e got shitty and said they will keep calling till i listen and hung up !!! Put that POS in front of me and we'll see about that at**tude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply | Reported by 5e753 .
This number has called 7 times at all hours and days address is Logan Ave, SAN Diego, CA 3601 she number
Reply | Reported by 40cf3 .
Government scams IRS. Scam don't answer or just block or whatever u can do
Reply | Reported by 965f6 .
keeps calling me and hanging up. don't answer!
Reply | Reported by d217e .
Several calls very rude often told me to hang up as I insisted to know who this was. Alos asked to be taken off list and told no repeatedly.
Reply | Reported by 6ed22 .
No one ever ***king answers. Im pretty sure my attorney will be involved soon on har**sment charges from both whomever this number belongs too and someone else.
Reply | Reported by 61d95 .
They have called me 4 times today
Reply | Reported by 21114 .
A lady with Indian acsent called me and wanted some information about my car insurance
Reply | Reported by e7459 .
Continues to call every few minutes when not answered!
Reply | Reported by 63d71 .
They have been calling me 6 or more times a day, I have an app on my phone that lets me report as a spam and block the number but it still shows up that they call when they call. I answered the phone couple times before I blocked it and they don't say anything. I let my 6 year old answer it and she tells them she cant find her mom, we have never heard them say anything but I want them to stop calling me. When I call it back it's a busy signal.
Reply | Reported by f4c51 .
I don't know who they are but they called me about 6 times a week. Trying to send me information on car insurance. Told them to take me off the list and still calks.
Reply | Reported by 481ce .
1 619-702-8483
Reply | Reported by 8e7d5 .
Two times in a row on Thanksgiving - Chinese speaking, SPAMMERS, they need to stop calling me
Reply | Reported by 503cd .
here's everything i could find with the information given below in the comments: 645 ash st, san diego cali. the information about the building is mixed. one site says it only has 2 employees, while another says it has 1-50. the parking beside the building that belongs to the building on the right belongs to "iEnsure insurance solutions" which is an insurance telemarking agency (they sell insurance over the phone). 4years ago the business was registered to a different address, but the numbers to the iEnsure official building phone match up (858-481-5740). so the business 4 years ago was located at a house, 13410 Grandvia point san diego cali. the boss of iEnsure is named Mitch Mackay. he's under 25. im pretty sure the photo of the house from google maps is his parents house. Who has lived here Resident Name Phone More Info Granville Moncure Bowman 619-279-2257 Tiffany A Hunt 571-333-1408 Ed Keilhauer Sandra A Lorello 858-753-2958 Colby Mackay, 29 858-481-5740 Status: Homeowner Colin Mackay Linda Z Mackay, ~56 858-794-8525 Status: Homeowner Occupation: Professional/Technical Education: Graduate or professional degree Peter F Mackay, ~63 858-794-8525 Status: Homeowner Occupation: Medical Professional Education: Graduate or professional degree btw they're mission is: "To build a corporation that leaves a positive footprint on our planet." i've done the legwork, do whatever you want with this information. i'll be attempting to block their telemarking number 702-8483. if it doesn't work, i'll be signing every ***king relative of theirs up for ***n mail, spam mail, insurance offers, anything i can to return the favor they're doing to me.
Reply | Reported by d36c5 .
They are calling me and flirting with me and then asking for my personal information. They can only stay on the phone for 5 Min at a time but they call right back. They want my e mail but somehow already new it and my name and where I live and if I'm married or have friends with benefits.
Reply | Reported by e26d0 .
These people asked for me by name then hung up. They call about 5 times a day and just hang up their from India or Pakistan judging by the accent that asked for me just block the number
Reply | Reported by b6a58 .
Do not answer
Reply | Reported by 2c600 .
how to stop them from calling
Reply | Reported by 77f50 .
Calls shows on caller ID as Padres Cnst twice back to back. First time I answered but say nothing. Just heard silence then they hung up. They called back and I didn't answer and they left no message.. these people call every other day about 4times a sick of it..block number and they call from another
Reply | Reported by e6c29 .
This number has called repeatedly and most nights at 9:13 PM . I have called it back and NO ANSWER. I have a block on robocalls and it stops at one ring, but it really starting to piss me off. I have reported it to the FCC. Next I am calling my Atty. General and filing a complaint. If someone from this "company" is following these comments, they better get the message !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply | Reported by 392fe .
I called this number back , no one answered. A few minutes later someone calls me back. I say hello, the caller hangs up.
Reply | Reported by ac1d8 .
I have been getting calls from this number also and judging by all the people that have complained this is a Hacker.
Reply | Reported by ed258 .
I answered a call from this number and some heavily accented man asked by my first name if he was speaking to me. Then he started to talk about how I can get cheap car insurance. To get started, he said, he wanted to verify if I am still at the address with my actual current zip code. "How did you get this information?" I asked, and he hung up on me. So far, he has not called back. But earlier today, I got several calls from a different number from someone who sounded like the same person the one time I answered. I have not received any further calls from that number, either.
Reply | Reported by cd401 .
Called and said something in a heavy accent (probably India or Philippines) and I think it was about "savings" maybe. He was in a call center (noise in background) and he talked fast, running his words together. So, I said if you want to communicate slow down an talk in a normal way. He hung up. Blocking this number.
Reply | Reported by d3ccb .
Repeated calls never say anything, I fired off my blow horn the last time they called they hung up with a busted ear drum....I hope
Reply | Reported by f5232 .
They call over and over and over for no reason at all, don't answer if you get a call from this number.
Reply | Reported by f5232 .
child pervert
Reply | Reported by 94843 .
Stop ***king calling
Reply | Reported by c0e28 .
They call all hours of the day and night. When I call back, it's always busy. When sending a text, my wireless phone company replies that it's a landline.
Reply | Reported by 8697a .
Constantly calling and hanging up... stop...
Reply | Reported by 96564 .
getting calls - won't leave message. when answered wouldn't tell what they wanted.
Reply | Reported by 8e4b8 .
Getting calls from this number. When I answer, nothing. Never leaves a message.
Reply | Reported by 3b9ad .
I have been receiving repeated calls from this number, over several months. When I answer, roughly half of the time, they pause then hangup, and roughly the other half of the time, they ask for "Orlando Jimenez". When I say there is no "Orlando Jimenez", they hang up. I don't know any "Orlando Jimenez", never have.
Reply | Reported by 6935e .
Reply | Reported by 64c60 .
I get calls from this number every weekend and they ask me about my car insurance and what make of car i drive
Reply | Reported by a0dd7 .
Being har**sed by this number MULTIPLE times each evening for several days. I've asked multiple times to be taken off their list as well.
Reply | Reported by fb057 .
Padres Construction 645 Ash St San Diego, California 92101-3211 United States
Reply | Reported by b5ca7 .
calling my house to often -who are they and are the police after them
Reply | Reported by 5f064 .
called 20 times
Reply | Reported by 405ec .
They know where I live and they know too much
Reply | Reported by 93d9f .
This number called a 16 year old boy about insurance. So if you have children beware. 619-702-8483. Told them to never call back and take that number of their lost.
Reply | Reported by 79139 .
just received another call from them 2 minutes ago; 4th today and second day in a row
Reply | Reported by 92caf .
Call numerous times in a day including 930 at night. When she'd to take me off of the call list he says that because I won't listen to them, I will continue to get calls. And they do keep calling. Tried to block it but it still comes through
Reply | Reported by a657e .
They called at. 4:14, 5:04, 5:27and 6:26 on11/3/2016. I was not home and do not know these caller.
Reply | Reported by 40cf3 .
Number called 2x today. Last time at 930pm. I said sir you realize it's 930pm? He said," I only need a few moments of your time. " Then he proceeded to say a little but more about some great rates. I told him I could barely understand him to please repeat what he said. He then hung up on me. What kind of business or kind of person has this much time on their hands. I would suggest ignoring this call.
Reply | Reported by 1b54f .
Reply | Reported by 1eae6 .
Called four times in a row at dinner time yesterday. the more I refuse to pick up the faster and more often they call back.
Reply | Reported by caaa8 .
They bug I don't know them and I even got mad at them
Reply | Reported by 2ca88 .
Called repeatedly. I finally answered, asked the caller to take my number off the list. He laughed and said "Yeah, I'll think about it"
Reply | Reported by 2013b .
this number is calling my dad asking for information about the car my dad is about to call the cops...
Reply | Reported by bd04b .
Called three times within one hour; never left a message
Reply | Reported by f26cf .
Numerous calls from this number 5-9 calls daily, sometimes other area codes are used. Pls stop!
Reply | Reported by ef9bf .
Calling at all times of the day & evening. I never heard of them.
Reply | Reported by e94eb .
I told them that they need to stop calling and they said they have never called this number and won't stop either wtf
Reply | Reported by 0619c .
This number keeps calling me all hours of the day trying to get information on me it has been happening more and more
Reply | Reported by 72459 .
because it called me without conversation
Reply | Reported by 73462 .
They call a dozen times per day, sometimes 3 times in an hour.
Reply | Reported by 78e61 .
This number calls multiple times throughout the day and I have told them repeatedly to stop all phone calls. They are absolutely har**sing people and they should be reported
Reply | Reported by 3d703 .
Thay called me but it sounded like they could barly speak English, so i ask them to not call agian but i dont think thay understand what i sayed so i hung up on them.
Reply | Reported by c411e .
Called me 40 times from 12 p.m. yesterday until 12 a.m. this morning would like to find out who owns this number
Reply | Reported by 1ea25 .
They keep calling and I never once pick up and block this number
Reply | Reported by 2cbd4 .
Having a problem with this person or persons continuing to call my number 20 times
Reply | Reported by 77adf .
Called me 6 times in one day. Never said a word when i would answer and would call even at 10:00 at night. That is against the law and is considered har**sment.
Reply | Reported by acc84 .
they called 7 times and WINT STOP
Reply | Reported by e3301 .
Called twice, want them to STOP CALLING.
Reply | Reported by 45050 .
Keeps calling me. I don't answer fast enough. Doesn't leave a message. Every time i call back, I get a busy signal. Hmm??
Reply | Reported by f43df .
Called five times after 9 P.M. Central. Left no messages after each call, and no answer when I called back.
Reply | Reported by 13ea5 .
Reply | Reported by f3a71 .
Have gotten calls from this and other numbers. Blocked many and they just have multiple others. A complete nuisance.
Reply | Reported by 19b42 .
Male caller with Indian/Pakistani accent asking for my information about my car the 1st time. I wouldnt give him info, he kept asking different questions. I hung up on him. Same caller called again, I told him i spoke to someone already take me off their call list and I am not giving him my info. or answering his questions. He proceeded to say he only has one question, "can I kiss you?" He asked. All I can say is wow.
Reply | Reported by fa96a .
Caller ID shows " Padres Const LP". Every call ( 5 so far ) have come after 10:45 PM Eastern time. Male caller with Indian/Pakistani accent. Rude and vulgar when I question him. I don't allow the call to exceed 1-2 minutes. Will be reporting this caller to my local phone company and NY State Attorney's office Monday morning.
Reply | Reported by 373dd .
Calls and hangs up. Others say they are making threats. Report to police. If they come to my abode and threaten my grandchild, wife, or anyone else in my family that will get a free ride to the morgue
Reply | Reported by ff340 .
Very annoying stop !!!!
Reply | Reported by ed0ba .
Been getting calls I'm on a don't call list but they kee calling and sounds like I'm being threatened was told that they will show up at my home or work
Reply | Reported by 52f7a .
I have been having calls from this number and being a safe driver and have asked to take me off the calling list and I'm also on a don't call list but now I'm having calls and I will hang up but call again and was told that they come bye my home or work and I will not like what is going to happen from the sound of it was it a threat at me or does the call think I'm scared will see
Reply | Reported by 52f7a .
Won't stop calling even though I'm on the do not call list. Also told me they keep calling because people like me won't listen. Told me he would call me all day every day. I get about 4 calls a day..... Trying to block them!
Reply | Reported by f6bac .
they didnt wanna stop bugging so i blocked them
Reply | Reported by 1ab81 .
My fiance and I have been receiving calls from this number off and on stating that I am a safe driver and should look into buying car insurance. I wouldn't be so baffled by this if it weren't for the fact that we don't have a car or drivers licences (or even jobs or a home). Also, somehow, they know my full name and zip code(really creepy) and usually have a thick accent that makes it hard to understand what they are saying. Today (Tuasday, October 4th, 2016) at both 6:50pm and 6:46pm, I received a call and no one answered when I said "Hello?". During the second call I told them that if they didn't answer that I would hang up and block their number. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, however it is the first time I have bothered to look up the number myself. the last time my case manager looked up another number I was receiving calls from and just hearing breathing to also find that I wasn't the only one receiving these kinds of calls. I would suggest that someone take this to the authorities and get their advise on it and maybe even trying to take this issue to court...
Reply | Reported by 4d28a .
******es call me at all hours of the day and night when my kids are asleep. THey wont take no for an answer.
Reply | Reported by f210e .
He is a scammer.. Hang up on him
Reply | Reported by a808c .
Calls often doesn't leave message sometimes twice a day
Reply | Reported by 42157 .
Someone who talked with an accent asked me if I was a home owner then asked me to suck their dick. I hung up.
Reply | Reported by e9b26 .
Telemarker who keeps calling daily even after I said to take me off thier list. Used curse words to me.
Reply | Reported by 37177 .
Marketer with terrible at**tude and tone.
Reply | Reported by e0e24 .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (619) 702-8483? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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