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(561) 270-8923

(561) 270-8923 is a phone number on a Landline device operated by LOCAL ACCESS LLC - FL. This device is registered in Delray Beach, Florida, which is located in Palm Beach county. Full Report →
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA 561-270-8923 Name and Address
Type: Landline
City, State: Delray Beach, Florida
County/Parish: Palm Beach
ZIP Code: 33483, 33444, 33445
ID: b9c66847211bca9bbaa078f2c025dd11
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Debt Collector
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Other - Unsafe

Reports for (561) 270-8923

Texted my husband and said "on my way" what the hell!
Reply | Reported by 00857 .
Reply | Reported by 6f6aa .
I keep receiving a call from 561-270-8923 but when I answer no one says anything then hangs up. When I call back no one answers. This day and age I think that were too old and I think that it's very childish to play on someones phone. Have a great day.
Reply | Reported by 4b02c .
Reply | Reported by c48da .
answer and nobody is there...ever.
Reply | Reported by 4aa63 .
They call too often and don't leave a message. very annoying. please disconnect that number.
Reply | Reported by 2bc26 .
Same as everyone else. I call/e-mail the Federal Trade commission. Bogus companies who do not register as telemarketers are illegal according to the FTC. Since they do not register they are not under the "Do Not Call's jurisdiction. Only the FTC can stop them. Search for the FTC and file a complaint.
Reply | Reported by 5f436 .
Calls them hands up
Reply | Reported by 02a7f .
Calls from this # are constant & don't quit....telemarketer from background voices....even though all our numbers are on the do not call list, they will not stop. I named it Telemarketer hassle, & just punch off or let it ring, but they never leave voice mail.....why? Obviously illegal telemarketer....what should we do......well, tell 'Em you'll turn 'em in to "Trump & co"....maybe they'll figure it out....or block 'Em..
Reply | Reported by a8072 .
This number calls my cell phone. I answer my phone and say hello and then the call disconnects. They have been continuing to call and the same thing happens. I blocked the number.
Reply | Reported by d33cf .
Keeps calling my phone....but when I call back the line is non operational.
Reply | Reported by 15454 .
Keeps calling my phone....but when I call back the line is non operational
Reply | Reported by 0ecae .
Keeps calling my phone....but when I call back the line is non operationalšŸ¤”
Reply | Reported by c28d8 .
Buzz me then they hang up!!!
Reply | Reported by cc764 .
It is SPAM they have bothered me for a year now! I have cussed them and asked them to remove my number! Some Stupid Wet Back answers
Reply | Reported by 9a168 .
Reply | Reported by 2e46c .
I get call from this once a day. After I say hello no one says anything. Why?
Reply | Reported by 20b0c .
Hung up when I picked up the phone. No message left
Reply | Reported by 02ac7 .
This is a telephone spammer - PERIOD. All telemarketers deserve life in prison with a lifetime supply of lube.
Reply | Reported by 9be90 .
I get a call from this number once a day. I do not answer as I do not know anyone in Delray Beach FL. It is very annoying and I wish it could be blocked.
Reply | Reported by 3cd02 .
Did not answer my phone cause I didn't recognize the number. They did not leave a voice mail message.
Reply | Reported by b97ed .
Call leave no message and can find nothing good for their # blocked immediately.
Reply | Reported by 11393 .
They call and do not answer when I say hello
Reply | Reported by 790db .
They call I tell not interested but still call
Reply | Reported by ff0e4 .
Harassment call multiple times daily have never done business with them
Reply | Reported by cfe8c .
Received call, left no message. Does not answer returned calls. And "not in service" bogus company which should be prosecuted for its practises.
Reply | Reported by 73f10 .
Called multiple times and violating the Do Not Call law. Reported to the Fla Attorney General for this law violation that is harassment.
Reply | Reported by 21277 .
I answered this call. Whoever was on the line hung up.
Reply | Reported by 38580 .
spam -
Reply | Reported by d7332 .
Keep getting missed calls from this number. They never leave a message but must call at least 3 times a day. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers. I have an old phone so I can't block the number.
Reply | Reported by b450d .
These fools call every day and I sit and wait then someone answers and tries to sell me automobile insurance. I ask them to be removed from the calling list and they hand up.
Reply | Reported by eaaea .
No good treat me
Reply | Reported by 534a7 .
Keeps calling then hanging up when I answer. It is annoying. I want it stopped.
Reply | Reported by b7a32 .
Keeps calling its annoying
Reply | Reported by 5a830 .
Called. Hung up because I didn't want to answer!!
Reply | Reported by 0eadb .
Reply | Reported by 82a78 .
llamaron y no dijeron nada y despues cortaron la llamada
Reply | Reported by 37e32 .
no answer
Reply | Reported by e0e48 .
what's going on now. Tell mommy to stop posting it. You got screwed!11 Delray beach Fl
Reply | Reported by e5261 .
scam do not answer block number
Reply | Reported by 2c43f .
Who is it
Reply | Reported by e03ff .
they call 4 times a day. who are they?
Reply | Reported by 6fd85 .
4 calls in two days, never leave a message
Reply | Reported by 91e1c .
***n website
Reply | Reported by afbf9 .
trying to sell auto warranty; will not stop calling
Reply | Reported by ce4e2 .
call back line is busy
Reply | Reported by d75c7 .
Scam Calls... I fill up some info to obtain a good rate for a car insurance in Del Toro Insurances and I believe they have been hacked because the calls started as soon I concluded with the website
Reply | Reported by 981dd .
Scam Calls...
Reply | Reported by 981dd .
Warranty scam call about extended vehicle warranty for a vehicle I don't even own anymore.
Reply | Reported by 82c29 .
Rc'd several calls over past week +. As I only answer numbers I know, I won't pick up. They do not leave a msg. Friend aid they rc'd call & it's a telemarketer for an auto warranty extension scam.
Reply | Reported by 35203 .
scam number! If you stay on the line long enough to get a live person they will ask for personal information! If you ask to be removed they will then say "I wrote down your number" and hang up on you.................
Reply | Reported by 88e05 .
Please call me back at 5099997934 regarding damages to my storage unit in Lagrange, Ga. I am very unhappy with the manager and the insurance company.
Reply | Reported by b8289 .
This is a scam for a warrant
Reply | Reported by cce5a .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (561) 270-8923? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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