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(312) 871-4243

(312) 871-4243 is a phone number on a Landline device operated by AT&T. This device is registered in Chicago Zone 1, IL, which is located in Cook county. Full Report →
CHICAGO ZONE 1, IL 312-871-4243 Name and Address
Type: Landline
City, State: Chicago Zone 1, IL
County/Parish: Cook
ZIP Code: 60606
Carrier: AT&T
ID: bcbb1e79e74c48c700b1771a5accf9e7
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Other - Unsafe

Reports for (312) 871-4243

Received text> Winner Announcement: Your ticket, Sixty one, hit the jackpot. Redeem your grand reward:
Reply | Reported by b054f .
This number is unknown out of state and caller I’d stated spam
Reply | Reported by 546f8 .
Keep calling unwanted hours
Reply | Reported by 3d422 .
This number is unknown out of state and caller caller I’d stated spam
Reply | Reported by 546f8 .
Spam call pretending to be the cdc
Reply | Reported by c4424 .
No contesten si los llaman de ese número FRAUDE
Reply | Reported by 30adb .
These people are calling me at very strange hours. They called once at 9 o’clock at night on December 18 and then again just now at 1:24 am on Monday morning. They are requesting me to release the vaccination records of my youngest son.
Reply | Reported by 4452c .
What are they doing about this # ... please they need to shut these people done and fine them for har**sment.
Reply | Reported by cfe66 .
Claiming to be doing a survey for CDC.
Reply | Reported by cfe66 .
Scam asking for info. Blocking them out!
Reply | Reported by c32c2 .
Keeping calling
Reply | Reported by f61e5 .
Keep calling and never leave messages. Annoying
Reply | Reported by 5bc7e .
Reply | Reported by ff212 .
scammers call for personal info
Reply | Reported by 418a4 .
These people har**sing all hours of day and night
Reply | Reported by 7765b .
Reply | Reported by 2a082 .
They are not in my phone book and wanted me to call them back. I think it was spam or scam!
Reply | Reported by 49e4e .
They called trying to get a survey about whether we were vaccinated. Very rude and I TOTALLY don’t believe them! SPAM CALL!!
Reply | Reported by f63f9 .
Called on Saturday night around 9:00 PM. Caller id says CDC .
Reply | Reported by 73bf5 .
I did not answer! They don’t leave a message; I am not answering!!
Reply | Reported by 31b0f .
My husband received a call from that number and a call ID: CDC NATL IMMUN. In that calllike a type of survey recorded answering through the keyboard number 1 yes or 2 no they ask if we are vaccinated Covid-19 at home and we’re children under 4 years old, come to living or visit my home. Is very strange.
Reply | Reported by e20b4 .
Reply | Reported by 23650 .
I agree. with everyone else. Did same to me. SCAMMERS !!!
Reply | Reported by 23650 .
Said they are the Centers for Disease Control. Calling with a survey.
Reply | Reported by 6e7f0 .
Spam, keeps calling my phone and not saying anything
Reply | Reported by 29570 .
CDC my **s.....
Reply | Reported by 30c13 .
Fraud pesty callers
Reply | Reported by edb44 .
Spam. Pretending to be CDC
Reply | Reported by 5e21f .
SCAM OR FRAUD.. do not answer or they will call you back from different numbers. The scam this time was them pretending to be the CDC. The CDC does not make cold calls like this. ***king idiots could have learned that through a .00006 second google search. I also thought our shitty cell phone companies should be stopping these trolls. Either way, DO NOT ANSWER, DO NOT CALL BACK, as they will ding your number as one that is working and different scams will call you daily - the scam changes.
Reply | Reported by 60ef2 .
Calling pretending to be CDC
Reply | Reported by ce2aa .
COVID-19 could hardly understand what he was talking about just something about the vaccine
Reply | Reported by 7238c .
Don’t answer. They’re running a scam claiming to be from the CDC trying to get information about children in your household so they can steal their iden**ties.
Reply | Reported by b80b4 .
Called over 20 times in the past month
Reply | Reported by 9fd6d .
Unknown number calling, no ID
Reply | Reported by e8e07 .
Calls everyday. Never a message.
Reply | Reported by 010f4 .
The call ask about children in my home fom 7 to 16 years.
Reply | Reported by 6dd62 .
I received a call on my government issued phone, which is not listed. I asked him how he got the number. He said he was with the CDC and was calling random numbers. I hung up.
Reply | Reported by 53ce1 .
They keep on calling. I’ve seen their number for scam another app
Reply | Reported by cc0e3 .
Calling for cdc asking weird questions
Reply | Reported by 83b27 .
called claiming to work with the CDC. i hung up immediately.
Reply | Reported by 3bf8b .
Now claiming to be from the cdc about child immunizations according to the message they left. Many calls from Chicago about medicare insurance, car insurance and now this
Reply | Reported by c6f0f .
Rings two times
Reply | Reported by ec5d8 .
no good trying to sell me products
Reply | Reported by 81f3a .
Weird scam call hung up right awsy
Reply | Reported by e13e0 .
Called late hours around 9pm
Reply | Reported by 0f0ba .
Spam spam spam spam spam spam
Reply | Reported by 9e1ab .
Asked for my information
Reply | Reported by 0ac3f .
Called and asked for my information
Reply | Reported by 0ac3f .
Medicare advantage...........
Reply | Reported by a289f .
This number calls every day never leaves a message but calls at all hours. I never answer
Reply | Reported by aa553 .
CDC scam so don’t answer cause soon as you do they can get your info your pedigree
Reply | Reported by 91e66 .
Reply | Reported by e51ce .
Continuous calls and fangs up
Reply | Reported by c2552 .
An obscene call from this number called my 10 year old granddaughters phone.
Reply | Reported by 20e05 .
I don’t answer numbers I don’t know !!
Reply | Reported by 04c71 .
As soon as my voice picked up, the person hung up quickly. This is why I will never pick up my cell phone.
Reply | Reported by 5012f .
Internet search for this number found it is **sault with spam and or a scammer.
Reply | Reported by daa6d .
Same thing here except they were just mouth breathing on the phone
Reply | Reported by 3202b .
I didn’t answer, but I don’t know anyone at this number so **sumed it was suspicious. Based on the comments here, that was correct.
Reply | Reported by 08087 .
Caller left a message to call back. Said he was with the CDC and taking a survey if the house has children under age 4. Didn’t call back and blocked number.
Reply | Reported by b8364 .
Left me a voicemail saying to call beck and let them know if there any children living in my house between 12 months and 4 years old...didn’t explain why that was all it was creepo
Reply | Reported by 19cc0 .
They ask you your age and who’s operating the phone
Reply | Reported by 8bc39 .
Called and said from cdc trying to get family info. Same number used before as different type of scam
Reply | Reported by 2ffd8 .
They say they are from the cdc. Suspisious
Reply | Reported by daecf .
Just hang up, block, and delete. Ezpz
Reply | Reported by 1c796 .
This caller is spam. Don’t answer his calls
Reply | Reported by 420b5 .
Hacker trying to scam people
Reply | Reported by bd6d7 .
Just be careful and don’t answer he’s calls
Reply | Reported by 4e3de .
Said hello and nothing more.
Reply | Reported by c3fd4 .
a lot of calling and false advertising
Reply | Reported by 80785 .
spam caller called 8:11PM EST
Reply | Reported by 39b1a .
A hacker used spam to steal
Reply | Reported by 6909c .
A crimson hacker james wilson
Reply | Reported by 6909c .
A hacker named James wilson in mobile ala
Reply | Reported by 6909c .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (312) 871-4243? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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