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(800) 275-2273

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Type: Toll-free
ID: df8c48891e374b70dcebbfa3edd7b3dd
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Debt Collector
Non-profit Organization
Other - Unsafe

Reports for (800) 275-2273

‘Unidentified’ OR ‘Unidentifiable’ IS WHO THEY ARE!!! Google them!!! They have all your numbers and for some reason, you were targeted!!! Haven’t gotten to that point in my investigating but THAT IS WHO THEY ARE!!! IF YOU’D LIKE MORE INFO, CALL/TEXT ME @ 681-285-0121…..LOTS MORE TO DISCUSS
Reply | Reported by f4d48 .
They called my phone this morning.
Reply | Reported by 44060 .
Personal harassment, falsely accusing customers, and creating illegal financial charges towards accounts.
Reply | Reported by 5b4d5 .
I’d read Apple tech Once I said yes to the question “are you Penny Katz”? We were disconnected
Reply | Reported by 37760 .
wanted my CC #
Reply | Reported by ee7a1 .
Called, didn’t leave a voicemail.
Reply | Reported by 96c38 .
Called 4 time’s left no message
Reply | Reported by ecc1d .
FRAUD !!! Spoofed number and a spoofed company name !!! Report them. !!! I have !!
Reply | Reported by e3831 .
Tried to say they were with apple support
Reply | Reported by 9d257 .
Left a sketchy voicemail claiming to be from Apple Support.
Reply | Reported by 7344f .
Called pretending to be Apple
Reply | Reported by 4d4ad .
These people call you and act like they are from Apple using the Apple phone number saying that your account has been compromised trying to get information. They are true scammers Apple never call you on your telephone. They have done this twice to me already and it needs to stop.
Reply | Reported by 7d293 .
Automated message said $700 spent on apple. Calling to verify. Had to press 1 to speak with apple support. I hung up didn’t trust it
Reply | Reported by a9177 .
This number said it was from Apple but I suspect it’s a scam or some other thing
Reply | Reported by 0589e .
Pretending To be Apple support
Reply | Reported by a04f6 .
Think this number is pretending to be Apple
Reply | Reported by 18119 .
Attempted to open screensaver to check notice stating my Apple phone was compromised
Reply | Reported by bb6f4 .
a call suppose to be apple but it wasnt apple
Reply | Reported by 671dd .
I never made this call on any electronics, scammer made call from cloned electronics!
Reply | Reported by 7801a .
Try to collect my personal info
Reply | Reported by 5a1ec .
Apple,inc.- is the caller ID which was associated with this number
Reply | Reported by 9c18a .
Tried getting information about my appleiD... scammers
Reply | Reported by d733a .
The message said they were from Apple and not to use any money related apps because my account was compromised. The said to wait to speak to rep. It’s a total scam cause Apple does not make calls.
Reply | Reported by 60f81 .
Scammer keeps calling my phone but no voicemail
Reply | Reported by c770e .
Stated that iCloud has been compromised
Reply | Reported by 0193a .
Robo call- no response when I pick up phone
Reply | Reported by ead81 .
Annoying don’t want to be bothered
Reply | Reported by 5866e .
The caller ID said AppleCare but the robo call was a threatening message from Social Security threatenjng this was the last call before they take us to a grand jury for fraud
Reply | Reported by 3b71e .
Contacting me as a federal agency
Reply | Reported by f13db .
Left a haineuse voicemail (electronic of course), implying that I needed to get in touch with a Feseral Agent regarding some false unknown offense before appearing before a magistrate. This was a final attempt to contact a federal agent. Complete nonsense and hokum!
Reply | Reported by 0f058 .
Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate, judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offence. This is the final attempt to reach you. To resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent. Left this voicemail
Reply | Reported by 29ff3 .
This number ask you to press one to talk to a federal agent
Reply | Reported by 5729e .
This number came up on my Caller ID as Apple, Inc. The recording said there was suspicious activity on my iCloud. However the number they gave to contact them was different from the number on my caller ID. I am convinced this is a scam.
Reply | Reported by 8886f .
This is a valid Apple tech support number. They tell you your iCloud account has been compromised. Do not login to your account. This is a scam!!
Reply | Reported by 96229 .
Months ago would call and say they were Apple tech support now they just call and don’t leave any message. These guys should go to hell
Reply | Reported by 90664 .
Keep calling and they don’t leave message
Reply | Reported by d6ff1 .
Claims it is Apple Inc. is it legit?
Reply | Reported by 2481b .
Scam fraud recording that my iCloud account had been breached.
Reply | Reported by 5c187 .
Fake Apple customer service
Reply | Reported by 69d69 .
Trying to say they are from Apple. Foreign speaking. Trying to get account information
Reply | Reported by 1be59 .
This number is pretending that they are Apple for iTunes- very dangerous. They wanted to hack my computer
Reply | Reported by 63424 .
MF telemarketing call disregarding donotcall list
Reply | Reported by 5f0b7 .
Stop them from calling personal numbers
Reply | Reported by a7075 .
I had experience with this number, don’t answer this call is fraud
Reply | Reported by 05596 .
Called twice and left no voicemail
Reply | Reported by d3d19 .
Unwanted call /possible spam.
Reply | Reported by 70d42 .
AppleCare. Trying to get you to purchase their phone plan
Reply | Reported by 9ec91 .
Left Message says Apple Customer Care
Reply | Reported by 606e0 .
Scammers keep calling re Apple support and IP address, with requesting I login so they can assist me.
Reply | Reported by 84c53 .
Comes in as Apple Care. Says phone has been hacked. Look up shows pbx from metro.
Reply | Reported by 2bfda .
They called me several times claiming to be Apple support saying my iCloud account was hacked from China and Russia. They wanted access to my computer. My computer is not even associated with Apple. They could barely speak English.
Reply | Reported by 1e3e2 .
Called twice. Messaged first time clamming to be apple support. Second call I answered. Before I could push 2 for support it beep beep beeped and hung up. Blocked the number.
Reply | Reported by 056ee .
They’re posing as Apple care specialists regarding your iCloud account
Reply | Reported by 4a475 .
Caller seeking personal data re computer.
Reply | Reported by 36109 .
Claim to be Apple support. Want passwords.
Reply | Reported by 1b006 .
Called my mother impersonating as Apple support telling her there has been suspicious activity on her account.
Reply | Reported by 55b1c .
Recorded message claims they are from Apple. It’s a scam.
Reply | Reported by 35a68 .
Masquerades as Apple with no rational explanation regarding a reason for their call or your return call.
Reply | Reported by d8a25 .
They really are Apple. I had forgotten I had requested a call back. I bought a new Apple phone and had asked for Support to call me I have only had Apple for three days that is their support number so don’t be afraid that is really there callback number that is Apple support.
Reply | Reported by f42f9 .
Multiple calls and voicemails.
Reply | Reported by b079a .
ScPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 275-2273.
Reply | Reported by 67211 .
TThey called and said they were from Apple also iCloud account scam scam scam scam
Reply | Reported by 67211 .
Attempted to acquire my Apple access codes
Reply | Reported by d5753 .
Called 3 times today between 12-1pm est. Recording says something about Apple.
Reply | Reported by 619ce .
Called my home phone claiming to be Apple Support/AppleCare! Said my account had been breached....hacked by Russians and Chinese; wanted me to turn on my computer! I ended the call!
Reply | Reported by a2c1b .
"unlisted" but from metromedia communications. Unknown to me. A scam probably.
Reply | Reported by 707f5 .
They pretend they are Apple.
Reply | Reported by a0ec3 .
Voice mail said it was Apple support
Reply | Reported by 2d854 .
Social Security fraud, wanted my full name and number, I refused, they hung up
Reply | Reported by e9d13 .
Apple support advisor, twice within 14 minutes. It’s the same message, telling me to call because of an issue with my Apple device. We have several Apple devices, but the call is NEVER on a phone associated with any of our Apple devices. I block these numbers, but then they just use a different number to call. Very annoying
Reply | Reported by dac1b .
Fake Apple care Iden**ty theft
Reply | Reported by b2cf5 .
Keep calling me about my information
Reply | Reported by b85ed .
Has called multiple times and company comes up as spam
Reply | Reported by 82839 .
This Was a call claiming to be Apple support stating there was a problem with my Apple ID clearly trying to get my Apple ID information. apple never calls therefore this is always a fraudulent call
Reply | Reported by a7f4e .
Making claims to be Apple Support. Start yelling when I tell them I am aware that Apple doesn’t keep personal numbers in any data base. Claim harassing them then Hangup
Reply | Reported by eecbc .
Called twice already called twice, I don’t believe Apple support would call , though I could be wrong.
Reply | Reported by fc1aa .
Was told by Apple it was Spam
Reply | Reported by 770af .
Scam/fraud pretending to be Apple representative claiming fraud charged to my account; and that I should call back.
Reply | Reported by dc7f9 .
These claim to be from apple,they call me about three or four times a day from China,sayin there is a breach in my iCloud account and all day on my iPads it pops up and says,enter your new pass word in settings.and I can’t get rid of it.
Reply | Reported by e9b16 .
This Pamie wanted to tell me I have an Apple account. Wanted my pass word
Reply | Reported by e9d13 .
They claimed to be a representative of Apple Corporation saying my account has been hacked!!!
Reply | Reported by 6575f .
Same as other reports apple care my iCloud account was being hacked
Reply | Reported by d1243 .
Saying my Icloud was hacked
Reply | Reported by 28afc .
Say they are apple support and iCloud account has been compromised. There phone number does not match anything with apple care. They keep trying to call but don’t leave a message. Answered it once just to play with them and then can hardly speak English he hung up on me. Funny
Reply | Reported by a815e .
Claim they are apple . Saying my apple I cloud account has been breached. 2 calls with a half hour
Reply | Reported by fc794 .
Invasion of privacy .... this caller is unfamiliar to me and should not be calling this number!
Reply | Reported by 5723e .
Pretending to be Apple Support
Reply | Reported by c6904 .
Constant calling about Apple ICloud breach
Reply | Reported by 22c14 .
Constantly calling and leaves no message very annoying!
Reply | Reported by e5a09 .
Keep getting calls saying my Apple account has been breached
Reply | Reported by 18abf .
Complete bogus call back to schedule appointment for Apple support
Reply | Reported by 645fa .
Calling saying they were Apple a support and there was suspicious activity.
Reply | Reported by 544fe .
Claims to be Apple. Claims people’s iCloud has been compromised.
Reply | Reported by 97d6d .
Had three or four calls from this number tonight all after 7pm did not. Address them
Reply | Reported by c6499 .
Scammer! They claim to be Apple support but clearly are not.
Reply | Reported by 3423f .
TPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 275-2273.
Reply | Reported by 29a42 .
Said they were Apple and there are problems.
Reply | Reported by 33c1a .
They are advertising themselves as apple care
Reply | Reported by 7207b .
Automated. Says your apple account has been breached. CallerID says APPLECARE
Reply | Reported by aade5 .
Spam about apple and iCloud breech
Reply | Reported by 5cee0 .
I first got a message from this number stating that my PayPal account was over charged then I ignored it to other calls and got two voicemails saying my Apple account was being hacked; this is a scam number
Reply | Reported by 81106 .
They said they were from Apple
Reply | Reported by 9a627 .
Claims to be from apple. Wants access to your google account
Reply | Reported by a76b7 .
Spam calls about iCloud being hacked.
Reply | Reported by b1779 .
Calling about my Apple ID wanting my password
Reply | Reported by 25b60 .
This is the message: “Before using any Apple device please contact Apple support advisor press one to connect with Apple support advisor press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later please call us on our toll-free number .5187301561 thank you…”
Reply | Reported by 6793e .
keeps calling me even though I’ve blocked their number. Says they’re apple support but are completely fraudulent.
Reply | Reported by efaa6 .
Repeated calling claiming AppleCare saying my I cloud has been compromised
Reply | Reported by 53113 .
Caller ID shows as AppleCare, computerized recording to call number that iCloud account has been compromised, not to use devices.
Reply | Reported by 569ff .
Identify as AppleCare on caller ID, say your iCloud account has been compromised.
Reply | Reported by 569ff .
Calls me once or twice a day for the last week. The Caller ID says AppleCare. The number they call from does not match the phone number to AppleCare. I have never listened to the message or answered. Obviously a scam.
Reply | Reported by 11398 .
They call and leave a voice message about my account is breached and they constantly call every couple of hours
Reply | Reported by 19074 .
They claim that my iCloud account has been breached
Reply | Reported by 7f574 .
Not legit... seems very suspicious
Reply | Reported by b7be5 .
Not sure about this one but it’s a robot voice telling me my Apple Account has been compromised And I should talk to someone by pressing 1... then a Indian/Collie/Parkie voice says..can I help you
Reply | Reported by e9d13 .
claim your Apple iCloud has been compromised
Reply | Reported by 1c5db .
TPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 275-2273.
Reply | Reported by 78b8b .
Tell me my iCloud account has been breached and to press 1 for more information... which I did not do!
Reply | Reported by e17a5 .
says they are apple support and iCloud compromised
Reply | Reported by 61a00 .
They claim to be Apple Support and that you have a virus and must call them. But it’s a recording
Reply | Reported by 5d734 .
Absolute scam!!! This is horrible. I can’t believe that I paid Insurance for my device and then they try this scam with me!
Reply | Reported by e094e .
Keep calling every 5 minutes. Think it is scam
Reply | Reported by a648e .
Repeat calls no messages
Reply | Reported by d9456 .
Claimed my I cloud was hacked and asked me to get to my laptop I told them I wasn’t home and he said he will call me back in 10 minutes. He did and swore he worked for apple but it sure was not he also called from 2035466340
Reply | Reported by f7405 .
SCAM!!!! Just hang up!!!!
Reply | Reported by f0e30 .
Spam call do not pick up. Telemarketers
Reply | Reported by 4928d .
Call saying calling about Apple iCloud breach
Reply | Reported by 88c76 .
No message left at allnnnn
Reply | Reported by 899d2 .
Claim to apple support asking for money
Reply | Reported by 056ea .
Left me a message claiming to be from Apple Support. Warned using any Apple device before contacting them first. Did not call back because it looked like a scam.
Reply | Reported by 7e51b .
“AppleCare” id over 20 useless calls
Reply | Reported by 41376 .
Keep calling me and I will have y’all stop it
Reply | Reported by 1150c .
Claiming to be apple support
Reply | Reported by f2753 .
Claimed to be with Apple. Trying to get info.
Reply | Reported by c8361 .
They called to say my iCloud was breached. I looked up the number and multiple other people experienced the same thing. They called me three times today if it really was important an actual rep would of called or left a voicemail.
Reply | Reported by 340bf .
I keep receiving calls from this number they keep saying that they are from Apple support and that there was a breach in my iCloud. There is no breach after I’ve verified it with Apple themselves. Do not call this number back.
Reply | Reported by dc18f .
This number was sent to me to call by apple website support but i dont think it really is
Reply | Reported by 0ec41 .
That is not apple support
Reply | Reported by 83c4a .
They called, I didn’t hear the phone it said At 9:48 Apple Support was on my Caller ID. So, I touched the screen to return the call and, after I got past the annoying robot, I got an agent, she said to email Apple Support at an email she was sending me. I did, I filed the c/o.
Reply | Reported by b2f25 .
this number when answered mentioned that it was Apple Computer… It also mentioned an iCloud breach… This is a malicious exploit being tried on Apple devices… Please contact Apple support and fraud center
Reply | Reported by 93ca5 .
Keep calling saying they are apple
Reply | Reported by cdd3e .
IPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (800) 275-2273.
Reply | Reported by 167fe .
Asking to call because of financial activity. Beware!!
Reply | Reported by b26c1 .
Constantly calling says from Apple support
Reply | Reported by 70b1a .
Recording that pretends she has talked to you before about a loan offer.
Reply | Reported by d1b97 .
Say they’re from Apple supportAnd that iCloud has been breached
Reply | Reported by 2e4f4 .
Will be nice to know that the CYBER SECURITY POLICE is doing something. Going on 4years.
Reply | Reported by f3578 .
Pretending to be from Apple Support then move to windows. East Asian accent, India, Pakistan or the likes.
Reply | Reported by f3578 .
recorded message saying from Apple Support
Reply | Reported by ed0ec .
Posing as Apple IPhone company
Reply | Reported by 0a8f6 .
Problem apple iCloud account
Reply | Reported by 58d53 .
Frequently calling and trying to extract from me personal information!
Reply | Reported by 5eb7d .
They claim to be Apple Support
Reply | Reported by e4f40 .
Call over and over claiming to be apple and saying my iCloud is breached. SCAM!!!!
Reply | Reported by 9ee3f .
Claimed to be the Apple Care contact number
Reply | Reported by 7612c .
Called my office iPhone with a recorded message stating that there was suspicious activity against my Apple Userid and they would connect me to Apple Support. Hung up, notified my office and called Apple Support directly to ensure that there was no problem and that it was a phishing attempt only.
Reply | Reported by 5db4f .
Pretends to be Apple support, uses a computer generated “voice “
Reply | Reported by 23571 .
they called my house to get my apple information
Reply | Reported by 3b9b0 .
Do Not want to be bothered nor am I interested
Reply | Reported by 84fb6 .
Called twice back to back. Wouldn’t leave a message.
Reply | Reported by 8a3b8 .
Threatening caller, dangerous
Reply | Reported by a3430 .
These people are gay because they call me nonstop
Reply | Reported by 1760e .
Caller I’d said AppleCare, said my iCloud account was breached, I hung up and blocked the number
Reply | Reported by cc4ab .
It’s a fraud phone call.
Reply | Reported by f4075 .
Said they were from apple and wanted information about my accounts. Then hung up on me.
Reply | Reported by e230b .
Claims to be Apple representative. Only got the last part of the message; the part with the phone number. This is why I don’t answer my phone!
Reply | Reported by 39647 .
Said they are Apple and to call to give info on account
Reply | Reported by cfa5e .
not answering when I answer
Reply | Reported by 6ebea .
Tells me that my iCloud account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 51308 .
I tried blocking this number,,, I blocked 2 other times and they are still able to call my cell phone!
Reply | Reported by 18c84 .
This same recording comes up on several different numbers,, female voice sounds like a robot claiming they are apple support and that I need to contact them because some kind of support needs to be updated!
Reply | Reported by 18c84 .
This number is actually a phishing scam from Pakistan. They will call to say that your apple account has been hacked and they need you to log into your computer to change your password and update your information. Do not give them any information. Apple will not call you!
Reply | Reported by 36e5a .
Called, I picked up no one answered and they hung up
Reply | Reported by 3a420 .
Said they were from apple and my account was compromised
Reply | Reported by 5bbc3 .
solicitation call stated from apple I called I cloud and filed report
Reply | Reported by 2b432 .
Says it’s apple, but it’s a fraud scam
Reply | Reported by 43829 .
Pretending to be apple care security
Reply | Reported by 9c678 .
Do not give information, not Apple. !!!!
Reply | Reported by 1d492 .
It said my apple device has been compromised
Reply | Reported by d61c4 .
Fraud Apple company robo call
Reply | Reported by 90407 .
Received 2 calls within 4 hours. Said they were Apple and not to do do financial on my phone until I called them at 887-447-4706.
Reply | Reported by ed8ca .
They want my account information and call some number. Not doing it
Reply | Reported by 223ef .
Claiming to be AppleCare support stating there is a security breach of my Apple account. Contacted Apple who stated this was a scam call
Reply | Reported by 7a0d2 .
Spam Said it was Apple related
Reply | Reported by 8de87 .
Called me to say my Appel account had been breached and to push #1 for more assistance
Reply | Reported by 8f959 .
Trying to tell me my apple account was in activated and to contact the administrator
Reply | Reported by 80b0b .
Scammer asking for Apple ID
Reply | Reported by a8fbf .
Keep saying they from Apple and need to talk to me about my account and online purchases
Reply | Reported by fd943 .
They spoof an Apple care name. Recording said you have been breached on your cloud account. Press 1 to talk to an agent now or call back the number they called you from later for assistance. Don’t use any of your apple devices until then. Instead of that hunter from the recording I called AT
Reply | Reported by d5ebd .
Another Spam Caller. Please Block
Reply | Reported by 52cbf .
They try to scam you for your Apple ID.
Reply | Reported by 279dc .
Said they were from Apple. Did not answer. Need to be blocked
Reply | Reported by b9a39 .
Said they were from apple and my IP address was hacked and they wanted me to go onto my computer so they could help me access my account. Of course I did not.
Reply | Reported by a5d9d .
Sad they were from apple and that someone was trying to hack my system to obtain financial information and to key in two numbers or call a number for there assistance in blocking them
Reply | Reported by 46f76 .
Someone called me from this number and said they were with Apple and that my iCloud had been breeched. They said someone in Alabama and Alaska were trying to log into my Apple account. They needed me to get on my computer so that they could walk me through the steps to fix it. I hung up.
Reply | Reported by 59c3d .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 350e0 .
Please block this number from continuously calling me. It is unsolicited. I do not know who is doing the calling. We have never done business with this number/company. It is a nuisance and wastes our time. We are on the Do Not Call list ‭and it keeps calling. Is there nothing you can do? SPAM/FRAUD/TELEMARKETER. Why is nothing done about these types of calls???
Reply | Reported by 5b0bb .
They are claiming there is “suspicious activity connected with your Apple ID” they ask you to go to your computer and want information from you. I called Apple support to verify the phone call and “suspicious activity” they said they do not make such calls.
Reply | Reported by da23d .
An Indian guy told me to log into my Apple computer immediately to change my log in and password. He said he was people from Russia were hacking into my i-cloud. They called 4 times...
Reply | Reported by fc3e0 .
They claim that there Apple care but there fraudsters trying to get your information do not answer.
Reply | Reported by 13034 .
Apple Care telling me not to use any of my devices for financial transactions, provides a link or a new miner to call. Scam!
Reply | Reported by abdcf .
Called at 2:23am recorded message about a breach in my cloud account. BS call. I hung up and blocked them.
Reply | Reported by c02c8 .
Says it’s Apple support and not to use my phone for any financial transactions
Reply | Reported by 72320 .
number calling to pretend to be apple
Reply | Reported by 0f9ce .
Said they were from apple. They called a landlines
Reply | Reported by 033ea .
They claim that they are from Apple, why is it there is no information on this number
Reply | Reported by 8015f .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by cff7f .
Said my Apple devices were hacked or in jeopardy and to call Apple Support with this number
Reply | Reported by 06f57 .
Apple Help Line? I don’t think so
Reply | Reported by c6339 .
Scam! They say they are apple care but they ate svam artists.
Reply | Reported by ff771 .
They say they are apple care and you can here all the 100's of people talking with Indian accent in background. Total scam trying to get you to login to steal your info.
Reply | Reported by 0178a .
They are not apple care, there is no problem with apple cloud, do not answer
Reply | Reported by 726a0 .
These guys showed up on my caller ID as “AppleCare Support”. Recorded message.... Bla, Bla, Bla, then of course it hung up. This number has been high jacked. Best medicine for them is to waste their time, then kindly invite them to go ***k themselves.
Reply | Reported by ae19c .
They have used various numbers, I am not interested in anything they have. I am on the Do Not Call Kist!!
Reply | Reported by fafa3 .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 275-2273? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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