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Hash: df8c48891e374b70dcebbfa3edd7b3dd
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Reports for (800) 275-2273

Asking to call because of financial activity. Beware!!
Reply | Reported by b26c1 .
Constantly calling says from Apple support
Reply | Reported by 70b1a .
Recording that pretends she has talked to you before about a loan offer.
Reply | Reported by d1b97 .
Say they’re from Apple supportAnd that iCloud has been breached
Reply | Reported by 2e4f4 .
Will be nice to know that the CYBER SECURITY POLICE is doing something. Going on 4years.
Reply | Reported by f3578 .
Pretending to be from Apple Support then move to windows. East Asian accent, India, Pakistan or the likes.
Reply | Reported by f3578 .
recorded message saying from Apple Support
Reply | Reported by ed0ec .
Posing as Apple IPhone company
Reply | Reported by 0a8f6 .
Problem apple iCloud account
Reply | Reported by 58d53 .
Frequently calling and trying to extract from me personal information!
Reply | Reported by 5eb7d .
They claim to be Apple Support
Reply | Reported by e4f40 .
Call over and over claiming to be apple and saying my iCloud is breached. SCAM!!!!
Reply | Reported by 9ee3f .
Claimed to be the Apple Care contact number
Reply | Reported by 7612c .
Called my office iPhone with a recorded message stating that there was suspicious activity against my Apple Userid and they would connect me to Apple Support. Hung up, notified my office and called Apple Support directly to ensure that there was no problem and that it was a phishing attempt only.
Reply | Reported by 5db4f .
Pretends to be Apple support, uses a computer generated “voice “
Reply | Reported by 23571 .
they called my house to get my apple information
Reply | Reported by 3b9b0 .
Do Not want to be bothered nor am I interested
Reply | Reported by 84fb6 .
Called twice back to back. Wouldn’t leave a message.
Reply | Reported by 8a3b8 .
Threatening caller, dangerous
Reply | Reported by a3430 .
These people are gay because they call me nonstop
Reply | Reported by 1760e .
Caller I’d said AppleCare, said my iCloud account was breached, I hung up and blocked the number
Reply | Reported by cc4ab .
It’s a fraud phone call.
Reply | Reported by f4075 .
Said they were from apple and wanted information about my accounts. Then hung up on me.
Reply | Reported by e230b .
Claims to be Apple representative. Only got the last part of the message; the part with the phone number. This is why I don’t answer my phone!
Reply | Reported by 39647 .
Said they are Apple and to call to give info on account
Reply | Reported by cfa5e .
not answering when I answer
Reply | Reported by 6ebea .
Tells me that my iCloud account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 51308 .
I tried blocking this number,,, I blocked 2 other times and they are still able to call my cell phone!
Reply | Reported by 18c84 .
This same recording comes up on several different numbers,, female voice sounds like a robot claiming they are apple support and that I need to contact them because some kind of support needs to be updated!
Reply | Reported by 18c84 .
This number is actually a phishing scam from Pakistan. They will call to say that your apple account has been hacked and they need you to log into your computer to change your password and update your information. Do not give them any information. Apple will not call you!
Reply | Reported by 36e5a .
Called, I picked up no one answered and they hung up
Reply | Reported by 3a420 .
Said they were from apple and my account was compromised
Reply | Reported by 5bbc3 .
solicitation call stated from apple I called I cloud and filed report
Reply | Reported by 2b432 .
Says it’s apple, but it’s a fraud scam
Reply | Reported by 43829 .
Pretending to be apple care security
Reply | Reported by 9c678 .
Do not give information, not Apple. !!!!
Reply | Reported by 1d492 .
It said my apple device has been compromised
Reply | Reported by d61c4 .
Fraud Apple company robo call
Reply | Reported by 90407 .
Received 2 calls within 4 hours. Said they were Apple and not to do do financial on my phone until I called them at 887-447-4706.
Reply | Reported by ed8ca .
They want my account information and call some number. Not doing it
Reply | Reported by 223ef .
Claiming to be AppleCare support stating there is a security breach of my Apple account. Contacted Apple who stated this was a scam call
Reply | Reported by 7a0d2 .
Spam Said it was Apple related
Reply | Reported by 8de87 .
Called me to say my Appel account had been breached and to push #1 for more assistance
Reply | Reported by 8f959 .
Trying to tell me my apple account was in activated and to contact the administrator
Reply | Reported by 80b0b .
Scammer asking for Apple ID
Reply | Reported by a8fbf .
Keep saying they from Apple and need to talk to me about my account and online purchases
Reply | Reported by fd943 .
They spoof an Apple care name. Recording said you have been breached on your cloud account. Press 1 to talk to an agent now or call back the number they called you from later for assistance. Don’t use any of your apple devices until then. Instead of that hunter from the recording I called AT
Reply | Reported by d5ebd .
Another Spam Caller. Please Block
Reply | Reported by 52cbf .
They try to scam you for your Apple ID.
Reply | Reported by 279dc .
Said they were from Apple. Did not answer. Need to be blocked
Reply | Reported by b9a39 .
Said they were from apple and my IP address was hacked and they wanted me to go onto my computer so they could help me access my account. Of course I did not.
Reply | Reported by a5d9d .
Sad they were from apple and that someone was trying to hack my system to obtain financial information and to key in two numbers or call a number for there assistance in blocking them
Reply | Reported by 46f76 .
Someone called me from this number and said they were with Apple and that my iCloud had been breeched. They said someone in Alabama and Alaska were trying to log into my Apple account. They needed me to get on my computer so that they could walk me through the steps to fix it. I hung up.
Reply | Reported by 59c3d .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 350e0 .
Please block this number from continuously calling me. It is unsolicited. I do not know who is doing the calling. We have never done business with this number/company. It is a nuisance and wastes our time. We are on the Do Not Call list ‭and it keeps calling. Is there nothing you can do? SPAM/FRAUD/TELEMARKETER. Why is nothing done about these types of calls???
Reply | Reported by 5b0bb .
They are claiming there is “suspicious activity connected with your Apple ID” they ask you to go to your computer and want information from you. I called Apple support to verify the phone call and “suspicious activity” they said they do not make such calls.
Reply | Reported by da23d .
An Indian guy told me to log into my Apple computer immediately to change my log in and password. He said he was people from Russia were hacking into my i-cloud. They called 4 times...
Reply | Reported by fc3e0 .
They claim that there Apple care but there fraudsters trying to get your information do not answer.
Reply | Reported by 13034 .
Apple Care telling me not to use any of my devices for financial transactions, provides a link or a new miner to call. Scam!
Reply | Reported by abdcf .
Called at 2:23am recorded message about a breach in my cloud account. BS call. I hung up and blocked them.
Reply | Reported by c02c8 .
Says it’s Apple support and not to use my phone for any financial transactions
Reply | Reported by 72320 .
number calling to pretend to be apple
Reply | Reported by 0f9ce .
Said they were from apple. They called a landlines
Reply | Reported by 033ea .
They claim that they are from Apple, why is it there is no information on this number
Reply | Reported by 8015f .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by cff7f .
Said my Apple devices were hacked or in jeopardy and to call Apple Support with this number
Reply | Reported by 06f57 .
Apple Help Line? I don’t think so
Reply | Reported by c6339 .
Scam! They say they are apple care but they ate svam artists.
Reply | Reported by ff771 .
They say they are apple care and you can here all the 100's of people talking with Indian accent in background. Total scam trying to get you to login to steal your info.
Reply | Reported by 0178a .
They are not apple care, there is no problem with apple cloud, do not answer
Reply | Reported by 726a0 .
These guys showed up on my caller ID as “AppleCare Support”. Recorded message.... Bla, Bla, Bla, then of course it hung up. This number has been high jacked. Best medicine for them is to waste their time, then kindly invite them to go ***k themselves.
Reply | Reported by ae19c .
They have used various numbers, I am not interested in anything they have. I am on the Do Not Call Kist!!
Reply | Reported by fafa3 .

Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (800) 275-2273? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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