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(315) 232-8257

(315) 232-8257 is a phone number on a LANDLINE device operated by CITIZENS TELECOMM CO OF NY DBA FRONTIER COMM OF NY. This device is registered in Adams, NY, which is located in Jefferson county. Full Report →
ADAMS, NY 315-232-8257 Name and Address
City, State: Adams, NY
County/Parish: Jefferson
ZIP Code: 13605
ID: d566b7cd3b188ececa064b567cb014f0
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Reports for (315) 232-8257

Received text at (519)901-4828 Final Call: Your files will be removed from our system soon. Protect them now: When l looked up the number your system changed it to this number
Reply | Reported by b054f .
Impersonating Apple support
Reply | Reported by f7e19 .
Claims to be Apple Support
Reply | Reported by 62214 .
this en**ty uses various local phone numbers, but the recorded message is by the same woman and is the same recording. Lately I have been getting quite a few daily. ten so far today, but the day is not over yet
Reply | Reported by a515e .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 4e4c3 .
I’ve received over 15 calls in the past 30 minutes from local Texas cell phone numbers that all leave the exact same message saying they are Apple Support and to press one or call 315-232-8257. This number is a NY number. I have blocked every number that has called me but they keep coming in from other numbers. I am beyond pissed!!
Reply | Reported by 02117 .
Calls come from various local numbers saying they are apple support.
Reply | Reported by b092f .
Multiple calls from spoofed numbers with automated message saying iCloud account has been compromised. Provided this “toll-free” number to speak to someone.
Reply | Reported by 806f4 .
Spam fishing for info keeps calling on different numbers and area code
Reply | Reported by 6085c .
Received 5 calls within an hour period stating “Suspicious activities in your iCloud account that your iCloud account has been breached before using any Apple device please contact Apple support advisor press one to connect with Apple support advisor press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later please call us on our toll-free number 315-232-8257 thank you…”
Reply | Reported by 4e1d5 .
Spam 25 characters? ok fucl you ***k you ***k you
Reply | Reported by 1117f .
Used by a scam call to refer to
Reply | Reported by 58756 .
I keep getting multiple calls from this number claiming to be Apple Support
Reply | Reported by 7fbe2 .
I received 25 yes 25 calls from this number in 5 hours saying that it is apple support
Reply | Reported by ed82b .
This number has called me over 25 times today with spam voicemails
Reply | Reported by 934eb .
I have gotten multiple calls from different local numbers all with this as the call back number saying your Apple ID has been compromised please press one. There is no way this is bot a scam.
Reply | Reported by f8915 .
CaPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (315) 232-8257.
Reply | Reported by 61352 .
Call me 10 times
Reply | Reported by a273e .
Keeps calling from different local numbers har**sing me
Reply | Reported by e854e .
They are claiming to be from apple
Reply | Reported by e24e3 .
This number has been used for fraudulent purposes saying they are Apple Support
Reply | Reported by 6d3ed .
Automated caller saying it Apple and your I-cloud account has been breached and to contact them at the phone number (315) 232-8257.
Reply | Reported by d587d .
They are calling from New York but using local Texas numbers, over 15 different numbers. It’s an automated V/M to call 315-232-8257 to speak with an apple support advisor. 1 (940) 445-3543 1 (940) 445-9485 1 (940) 445-1346 1 (940) 445-8353 1 (940) 445-6413 1 (940) 445-3097 Mineral Wells, TX 1 (940) 445-6413 Mineral Wells, TX
Reply | Reported by 7ce5b .
I have had multiple calls from this number saying they were “Apple Support” which they are NOT!
Reply | Reported by e0242 .
Claims to be Apple support. Calling from local numbers every hour. Automated recording leaves this number as the call back number.
Reply | Reported by fb2ba .
They are spoofing Dayton area businesses to tell me my I-Cloud account has been breached. The recording asks me to press 1 or 2 to speak to a representative or to call this number at my convenience. They have spoofed a retirement community and a construction firm.
Reply | Reported by 78c56 .
Same report as others…says Apple iCloud has been breached. Calls repeatedly from various numbers.
Reply | Reported by 5e674 .
They’re telling me that my ICloud account is being hacked
Reply | Reported by a4629 .
Leaving message that my i cloud has been compromised
Reply | Reported by df301 .
Says Apple support. iCloud has been compromised
Reply | Reported by ca9c6 .
Fake ‘Apple Support’ hotline.
Reply | Reported by cb222 .
Unknown reason but left incomplete message
Reply | Reported by 727b2 .
This number is left on a voicemail for “apple support” It is calling from a local number every 10-20 minutes
Reply | Reported by 69192 .
Claiming to be apple support
Reply | Reported by 80d0e .
They will not stop calling me!!! They call at least once an hour, using a different “caller ID” number every time! AWFUL. The robo call claims to be regarding Apple iCloud security issues.
Reply | Reported by 0f8bf .
States they are Apple support.scam
Reply | Reported by 03db5 .
Apple scam. Claim to be an Apple “advisor”.
Reply | Reported by 6847f .
“Apple support” scam calls
Reply | Reported by af6c3 .
Same as other reports, claims to be Apple Support called 6 times in a 20 minute period.
Reply | Reported by 2882d .
Had more than 5 calls already !! So annoying!!
Reply | Reported by 8052a .
Left a message claiming to Apple support
Reply | Reported by 9db79 .
Claims to be from Apple, calls 5 times on 5 different numbers all with Same area code and same 3digit exchange. SCAMMERS. DO NOT ANSWER.
Reply | Reported by b13d7 .
Get repeated call from various local numbers but will not answer. Sometimes leaves a partial voice mail if want to hear this message call this 315 2328257 number. Sometimes as many of 5 calls within 15-20 minutes
Reply | Reported by f2473 .
Fake Apple support call about compromised Apple ID
Reply | Reported by 79769 .
Multiple calls within 15 minutes
Reply | Reported by a8652 .
Call about 10 times a day talking about my apple account has been breach
Reply | Reported by b48c2 .
Telemarketing, fishing with local cell number
Reply | Reported by 79769 .
They are calling every 10 minutes saying there has been a iCloud security breech and to call this number
Reply | Reported by 78cd4 .
Claim to be apple are not
Reply | Reported by 008b2 .
Multiple computer animated calls from them saying my iCloud has been breached
Reply | Reported by 52a7e .
Says it’s Apple I doubt Apple would call me 3xs in a row
Reply | Reported by 32987 .
A recording calls and tells me to call this number because my iCloud account has been compromised. I don’t believe it. I get several calls a day like this.
Reply | Reported by 08b0e .
Message about Apple support which is bogus
Reply | Reported by ea452 .
They say they are Apple Support fraud
Reply | Reported by 5540f .
Say they are Apple. They call non stop! Apple calls you from an 800 number if you have a support ticket.
Reply | Reported by 58be4 .
Say that they are with Apple
Reply | Reported by cd058 .
Do not press any numbers. They claim to be apple icloud breach notification. HANG UP, Do not call back!
Reply | Reported by a71c1 .
Reply | Reported by c801c .
Claiming to be Apple support calling about your iCloud has been breeched.
Reply | Reported by 33d89 .
Repeatedly called my number saying they were Apple support
Reply | Reported by f8a22 .
It says it’s from Apple but it’s not . It’s using a local number
Reply | Reported by 5314b .
I’ve suddenly received 5 recorded spam calls (so far) in one day saying my iCloud account has been breached. Each one is using a different fake or spoofed number on caller ID, but they all give this same number as the “toll free” number to call to solve the problem.
Reply | Reported by 006f5 .
Stating they are from Apple. Stating that Apple ID has been breached. They are using other peoples phone numbers to call and then leaving this number as a call back.
Reply | Reported by 472f0 .
They use this phone under the claims of Apple and they tie in a local number with it.
Reply | Reported by e03a3 .
This number is being left on my voicemail as a call back number for Apple Support. I have been called repeatedly all day today from various numbers, all beginning with area code 855
Reply | Reported by 8d42b .
They left a prerecorded message from “Apple”, didn’t get most of the message on voicemail
Reply | Reported by a59bc .
Scam claim to be Apple support the call constantly all day long it’s so freaking annoying
Reply | Reported by b39a5 .
Pre recorded message tells me my I cloud has been breached and to call some phone number in N.Y. Getting tired of this crap.
Reply | Reported by d87af .
Claims to be Apple Computer executive, but is very likely a total criminal
Reply | Reported by 38dea .
Same as all reports,this is a scam.They claim to represent Apple,why doesn’t Apple look into this and burn these jerks.All these companies that are being misrepresented should take steps to help put these culprits out of business or in jail.
Reply | Reported by 242a7 .
Robo call claiming to be from Apple support
Reply | Reported by 4dbef .
They said they were with Apple support and to not use any Apple devices. But this is not an official Apple support phone number
Reply | Reported by c1e96 .
Repeated calls one after another, using many numbers including some disguised as people I know. Leaves same message as before that it’s apple support. Odd thing is this came shortly after I had an issue with my home internet (ATT) and have continued since this time, constantly!! I block one number and it comes through another. Very frustrating especially when expecting important calls and not sure what number it will come from.
Reply | Reported by 1b995 .
Calls to this number are sent using 610-203-4155, and 610-203-7757 and 610-203-8541. They leave a partial message to no one in particular and ask you to call 315 number toll free. The calls come repeatedly.
Reply | Reported by fe62c .
They spam with lots of different numbers. They say they are apple support. It’s a scam
Reply | Reported by 9cb5e .
They are claiming to be an Apple support advisor. This was the call back number that is left in the message. There is always 29 second message. It is the same message every time. I believe it is a google generated number. 1:57pm 816-390-5959 1:39pm 816-390-9396 1:26pm 816-390-5711 1:06pm 816-390-9010 It is the same message every time.
Reply | Reported by 4cf25 .
Kept calling, left only half a message, called the number, they said my flip phone was hacked or something. Probably called me twenty five times in four hours. Used the same area code and first three numbers of my phone with different last four numbers each time.
Reply | Reported by 9eb0f .
Said they were From Apple. Said apple i cloud was in trouble. They have called me on several numbers
Reply | Reported by d499b .
Same as everyone has documented do far
Reply | Reported by 9f551 .
I keep getting calls from unknown numbers that leave a voicemail message asking me to call this number. It’s a computer generated message.
Reply | Reported by 789cf .
Telling me they are Apple support
Reply | Reported by 0f13a .
This number is claiming to be apple support
Reply | Reported by 75dc7 .
Says phone call came from Bangladesh
Reply | Reported by cc921 .
Reply | Reported by 55e6d .
Receiving 8 calls per day from various local numbers, all with the same grainy recorded message stating that "Your Apple iCloud account has been compromised" and refers you to call an Apple support advisor at 315-232-8257
Reply | Reported by 908ba .
Called and left a message too not use any Apple product and to contact this number as soon as possible !!!!!!
Reply | Reported by 245a9 .
Saying apple account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 82879 .
Calls as Apple Support. Out of Syracuse region to TN.
Reply | Reported by 0981c .
Keep calling with spoofed number saying they’re Apple and to call this number. So annoying
Reply | Reported by 70f74 .
The recording said she was an Apple support advisor about my account, but a reverse lookup said this was UNSAFE!
Reply | Reported by c801c .
My phone app reported this number is likely unsafe
Reply | Reported by 60574 .
They keep calling me 10 times a day say they are apple customers service and my account has been depleted
Reply | Reported by 3bf86 .
Received 4 calls saying my Apple I.D. Has been comprised and to call 315-232-8257. Ask for Olivia in Support.
Reply | Reported by f0a79 .
They called 4 times 2/9 today 4 times leaving messages. Says they are apple support this happens quite often
Reply | Reported by eb76b .
This number, (315) 232-8257 shows up as a land line phone in Syracuse, NY, but says they are from Apple and telling me they are reporting suspicious activity on on iCloud account. The number that actually shows up on my phone as a local call from my area (269) 649-8245. This is the 3rd call in a 20 minute time period, giving the same message but from 3 different local telephone numbers. I believe this is a scam. Please stop this from happening. Can anyone let me know what you find out about this and these numbers?
Reply | Reported by 60107 .
Called my home phone 9 times coming up as a local number. Let it go to message, claims they are from Apple Support to call back on number they provide. Completely fraudulent calls....
Reply | Reported by be215 .
This number has called my phone from spoof numbers about 50 times in two hours. Scammers
Reply | Reported by 44c8b .
I’m receiving numerous calls saying that I have a breach of Apple iCloud and they want me to dial this number
Reply | Reported by a3666 .
Purportedly Apple. Leaves messages to call back. Scam.
Reply | Reported by 78a95 .
This # was given as Apple Support on my phone
Reply | Reported by 34e43 .
Spam Not apple customer service
Reply | Reported by fe024 .
This is supposedly a call from Apple noting suspicious activity on my iCloud account
Reply | Reported by 7e7b2 .
“iCloud account that your iCloud account has been breached before using any Apple device please contact Apple support advisor press one to connect with Apple support advisor press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later please call us on my toll-free number 315-232-8257 thank you
Reply | Reported by e006e .
Receive multiple calls with this call back number being identified as Apple Support which it is not
Reply | Reported by c8644 .
Robotic woman voice saying my apple iCloud account has been breached and says press 1 or press 2 and also gives this number if want to call. 2/2/21 at 3:46 PM is when happened. SCAM!
Reply | Reported by 80bbc .
Received call from 817-614-8664 asking to call Apple support toll free 315-232-8257. This is a SCAM “315” is not a toll free number
Reply | Reported by 567f2 .
Keep getting calls saying Apple support. I haven’t asked for Apple support. I’ve gotten 15 calls in two days.
Reply | Reported by 54337 .
They say they’re Apple support
Reply | Reported by e068e .
Please edit my previous message: The scam number is (315) 232-8257. I mistyped it in my original message. It is from a landline in Syracuse, NY, according to “look up” information.
Reply | Reported by 26c74 .
My husband and I have received dozens of calls from various (417) phone numbers. Each uses the same recording telling us to call (315) 233-8257 about our Apple accounts. We know this is a scam as well as a major annoyance. We block these numbers and silence incoming calls, but more calls pour in every day with the same voice mail message.
Reply | Reported by 26c74 .
Keeps leaving voice mails that do not make sense
Reply | Reported by 4d251 .
I keep getting spoofing calls to call back 315-232-8257. It’s spam
Reply | Reported by 746c3 .
I have had 4 calls in the last 20 minutes that say to call the above toll free number back. As you can tell, it is not toll free.
Reply | Reported by 746c3 .
Spam risk- stating Apple acct. compromised
Reply | Reported by b4e06 .
My mom has received 28 calls from various numbers saying that her I cloud has been breached leaving a call back number of 315-232-8257 this is a scam!!!
Reply | Reported by 7b951 .
Ditto what everyone else is saying called 5 times in an hour about my apple account.
Reply | Reported by 1b3fa .
This robo caller calls every half hour and leaves the same voice mail I have had 15 calls within 12 hours
Reply | Reported by 9369e .
14 times they called and stated my i cloud or Amazon account had been breached.
Reply | Reported by 5fc10 .
Scam call coming from robocall number
Reply | Reported by 07d75 .
Called six times in succession
Reply | Reported by d42d0 .
Pain in the **s. Has phoned 11 times today. Please if you can - get them to stop.
Reply | Reported by ecd07 .
I received 6 calls within a half hour all with the same robo call message stating "Your ICloud Account has been breached, before using any Apple devices call: 315-232-8257". This is a BIG FAT SCAM! Look out and don't fall for their BS.
Reply | Reported by 2dce6 .
I have received 8 calls from various cell phone numbers that have an auto voice stating there is a breach with my iCloud account and when I do not answer a message is left stating to call this number.
Reply | Reported by 8fc24 .
Getting multiple-calls from 408 area code leaving VM to call this phone number for Apple advisor
Reply | Reported by c2489 .
Calls from numerous different numbers saying they are Apple support and leave this number as a call back number!!!
Reply | Reported by f304e .
This number is a scam do not answer or call
Reply | Reported by 05268 .
I was called numerous times from a local Oregon number a told to call this number that it was toll free and apple support
Reply | Reported by defad .
Recording saying whoever left this number on voicemail is attempting to scam or fraud by leaving this number and that they did not call from other numbers being used.
Reply | Reported by 737da .
Citizen's Telecom Services, Syracuse, NY NOT BBB approved.
Reply | Reported by 168e9 .
Keep getting recorded message from this number saying that my iCloud account has been breached. They are using local numbers as caller ID so that I can not block them. I have received over 12 calls from them in the last hour.
Reply | Reported by 9b9bf .
Receiving message saying it is Apple support but it comes from a different phone number every time
Reply | Reported by 28057 .
I had 9 calls all spoofed to look like local numbers and claiming to be Apple support. And every voicemail they left they left this number as a callback.
Reply | Reported by 97b93 .
They are calling from a local phone number and leaving a voicemail with this #.
Reply | Reported by 17172 .
They have called my landline for the last two days claiming that my iCloud has been hacked. They wanted me to talk to them or call this “toll free” number back: 315-232-8257. They piggyback off of a different number every time they call! Jerks!!!
Reply | Reported by ecd82 .
Repeat phishing calls claiming iCloud hack
Reply | Reported by 97ab1 .
Saying Apple support Pfizer
Reply | Reported by 02a09 .
They have left 4 voicemails in the last hour please get this to stop
Reply | Reported by 1149d .
Message states that my Apple device was compromised and I should call their “toll free” number (315) 232-8257 to contact an Apple Representative to get this issue taken care of. At the time of this writing, I have received 3 messages within an hour.
Reply | Reported by c1c9b .
Calling every 15 mins since 10 am this morning. Evolving AI SOFTWARE BEING USED.
Reply | Reported by c957e .
Keeps calling all the time. Calling at all hours of day and night.
Reply | Reported by c0458 .
Ditto to all Spam/Scam reports made previously!!! Do not answer!!! They always leave same VM.
Reply | Reported by a42d9 .
Annoying spam spam spam spam
Reply | Reported by 5a6d0 .
Scam, repeated calls from different numbers that present with local area code and prefix but different suffixes...numbers obviously pirated. Call back number is not ID’d as apple anything. Annoying...sadly some will possibly take it seriously. With all that can be done these days, there should be an effective defense against these types of scam calls.
Reply | Reported by 09de8 .
Keeps calling with different numbers
Reply | Reported by 8f048 .
Keeps calling with different numbers
Reply | Reported by ce25a .
Constantly calling. Very annoying.
Reply | Reported by 106cd .
They keep calling that my that my iCloud account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 916f9 .
This is the callback number from an automated caller - “Olivia” from Apple Support. It seems like an ID theft scam
Reply | Reported by f2847 .
Finally robot call left #
Reply | Reported by 49e7b .
10 calls in two hours from different local phone numbers with the same message asking me to call them back to this phone number. Obviously spam. Super annoying.
Reply | Reported by 2b73f .
This number has bombarded my phone saying they are Apple support. They represent themselves as different numbers on my caller ID 352.255.5367, 352.255.7625 and 352.255.9190
Reply | Reported by 44b46 .
Please block all calls from this spam number. Thank you.
Reply | Reported by 1ac07 .
Keep calling, and left this message: “Activities in your iCloud account that your iCloud account has been breached before using any Apple device please contact Apple support advisor press one to connect with Apple support advisor press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later please call us on my toll-free number 315-232-8257 thank you…”
Reply | Reported by ee6c6 .
Have received multiple calls to call this number
Reply | Reported by ea471 .
Called every 5 mins and left same message
Reply | Reported by a9e08 .
They are very annoying. The called me every 5 mins and left the same voicemail. Because if this, I ran out of battery.
Reply | Reported by a9e08 .
TPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (315) 232-8257.
Reply | Reported by 3b5df .
Apple advicer they said. But isn’t
Reply | Reported by aefe3 .
This. Umber keeps calling me. It is a spam/fraud number
Reply | Reported by df5fd .
Transcript of vm: “Using any Apple device please contact Apple support advisor press one to connect with Apple support advisor press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later please call us on our toll-free number 315-232-8257 thank you…”
Reply | Reported by 55595 .
They called our landline yesterday 10/29/20, 9 times, about 4 mins in between, leaving same message. Claim to be AT
Reply | Reported by a8ee4 .
Pretending to be Apple. Wants you to enter IP address on computer.
Reply | Reported by 039a0 .
Have called 2x in 1 hour and LM’s to call Apple Support back.
Reply | Reported by d6f5a .
Supposed call from apple regarding icloud breach
Reply | Reported by f4f6e .
Has called me from 7 different phone numbers on a Sunday! Scam
Reply | Reported by 33e52 .
They are calling 206-282-5070 repeated times claiming to be from Apple Support. The leave the Toll Free Number of 315-232-8257 and showing 1-716-546-0498 Caller Id but Not Able to Find any Information for? Please do what you can to Stop These!
Reply | Reported by 2f0f4 .
Same as all of the others
Reply | Reported by 5a52f .
Intimidating message perceived as Scam
Reply | Reported by ee75c .
Spam callers have called me six or seven times a day for three days in a row, supposedly from Oklahoma but it’s really from New York. Please make them stop.
Reply | Reported by 6e9a7 .
Automated call directed me to this number. Apple states that the original phone calls coming out of the Orlando, FL area are fraudulent as well.
Reply | Reported by f73ea .
They keep calling stop calling
Reply | Reported by 29e8b .
Voicemail left several times per hour
Reply | Reported by c45ed .
I get 7 calls and a voicemail from this number per hour
Reply | Reported by c45ed .
Spam caller keeps calling landline
Reply | Reported by ae832 .
left message saying to call back Apple Support. I don't even have an Apple!
Reply | Reported by a118c .
Scam fraud scam fraud spam fraud
Reply | Reported by 07f5f .
They’ve called me 8 times already n say that I’ve been hacked on my cloud acct!!!!
Reply | Reported by f2b90 .
Claims to be from Apple Support and that my account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 219e7 .
Pretending to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 053f9 .
Rip off spam don’t answer this number block it
Reply | Reported by 55c31 .
Have received 9 phone calls in 90 minutes from 9 different numbers leaving a message saying they are Apple Support and leave a message. The constant is the (315) 232-8257 is the number to call in all messages left.
Reply | Reported by 26383 .
Constant calling pretending to be Apple.
Reply | Reported by c6cb3 .
It’s a scam call, I’ve gotten 10 calls from different numbers in a couple hours that give the 315 232-8257 as a call back number. They say they’re from Apple support but it’s a scam.
Reply | Reported by c9fd2 .
Received a voicemail stating it was apple support and should call back 315-232-8257. Upon calling the number, a message comes up that the number was spoofed in an attempt to defraud and it has been blocked
Reply | Reported by e7ac1 .
Apple scammers, trying to get your Apple ID information, call from multiple Pennsylvania phone numbers
Reply | Reported by a1ed8 .
Reporting as Apple support and needing account updates ASAP.
Reply | Reported by 260bd .
Reply | Reported by 62ccb .
This is a callback number linked to an Apple phishing scam. The initial calls are made from area code 408.
Reply | Reported by 3df0b .
We have received numerous calls from this and similar numbers with a message that our iCloud account has been breached. Yesterday we must have received over a dozen calls.
Reply | Reported by 09d04 .
Alleges to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 36207 .
Hate this crap they keep calling
Reply | Reported by 02f73 .
Calling pretending to be Apple telling me my cloud has been hacked. Options to talk to a live operator or call back.
Reply | Reported by dbcc0 .
Claims to be apple fraud scam
Reply | Reported by a3431 .
They claim to be apple support but this a attempt to defraud you at of money
Reply | Reported by 89a87 .
Supposedly Apple customer support because my iCloud account has been hacked! (No it hasn’t.) Third time they’ve run this one on my #. They are aggressive.
Reply | Reported by 334e6 .
Continuous calls 15-20 times a day. If I block number another calls . Supposed to call this number which I won’t original call come from a 408-765-xxxx number. ANNOYING AS HELL
Reply | Reported by 60d53 .
Voice mail states it’s Apple support and the number is from California 408-765-357 and then redirects me to a number in New York. 315-232-8257
Reply | Reported by f7115 .
Claiming to be Apple support
Reply | Reported by 1658b .
This is a Spam Call don’t answer
Reply | Reported by 8613b .
Telling me to contact them because my iCloud account got britched. They supposed to be Apple representative? Nasty robocall
Reply | Reported by cf43a .
Apple I cloud breach they claim, repeated calls, annoying
Reply | Reported by 15973 .
Continuous calling, same message but from multiple numbers
Reply | Reported by 8f3d4 .
Received 5 calls today claiming to be Apple, iCloud.
Reply | Reported by 04324 .
Received multiple calls regarding a supposed Apple iCloud breach - 15 calls yesterday within a 2 hour period and several today. This is the callback number they leave in their message.
Reply | Reported by 05dc6 .
This number keeps coming up in call after call!
Reply | Reported by 312bf .
I have received 3 calls and 2 messages in last 20 minutes from similar phone numbers (same Area Code Same Prefix); Two of these calls left identical, 08 second Voice Mail message, telling me “my iCloud account had been compromised”. Stupidly, I did answer the first call, telling me the exact same information. THIS IS A SCAM !!
Reply | Reported by 5e8ac .
Leave the message stated that Apple ICloud account is compromised and advice to call this number for Apple support team.
Reply | Reported by dbed8 .
Called warning me about using Apple products
Reply | Reported by 0b799 .
Apple reps saying cloud was compromised....don’t have internet or Apple products...21 times!
Reply | Reported by baf9a .
Called representing Apple stating Apple account has been breached.
Reply | Reported by 69c96 .
Calling constantly from various numbers
Reply | Reported by fc5ac .
Constantly receiving calls from this number posing to be Microsoft/Apple
Reply | Reported by 64b5f .
Claim to be Apple support and want me to call them
Reply | Reported by a7567 .
Constantly calling from various numbers requesting you to call this number! Seventh time today alone!!!
Reply | Reported by 79975 .
Say they are from Apple support and someone has gotten into your iCloud account
Reply | Reported by 27c36 .
Call 15 times a day. Ridiculous
Reply | Reported by ffe40 .
The company is claiming to be Apple Support trying to steel all your info And scam you calls 30 times a day
Reply | Reported by 880a4 .
CoPlease share any experience you have had with this number: (315) 232-8257.
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Have received over 30 calls in one hour! Total BS
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Scam claiming to be a Apple supervisor call back number
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The numbers come in from different areas (always different numbers) but has this number as the call back number for an Apple iCloud breach, Apple device issues, etc. I have received multiple calls the past few days. I am almost positive it is a scam.
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Received 8 calls within 2 hours from 678-560-1531 stating my Apple Cloud is breached and to call this number 315-232-8257. I believe it is a scam.
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Fraud: scam from landline in NY state claiming to be “Apple Support Advisor” The recording asks you to call “our toll free number 315-232-8257”
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They keep calling no idea who they are so I blocked them
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30 calls on 3/11/20 until 8:35 pm
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I have had no less than 20 of these phone calls today from this and similar numbers but always with the same stupid voice mail and return number left. 😡
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They claim to be an apple representative and there has been a breach. Left this number to call. 3152328257. Have had several calls from this person . Always with the same recorded message. .
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Apple iTunes account breach scam
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Says your apple account has been breached and to call them
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Received 5 calls over two days from 5 different numbers: Leave a message to call 315-232-8257 for Apple Support. DO NOT ANSWER THESE CALLS. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER BACK.
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Receiving unwanted or harrassing calls from (315) 232-8257? Report It! You can also add your number to the National DO Not Call Registry by visiting their website or calling (888) 382-1222, but many people have complained about it not being effective. If there is something requiring an immediate attention, please contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

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